Nano Nagle's life

  • Period: to

    Nano Nagle

  • More restrictiona were placed on Catholi's

  • Nano Nagle Birth

  • Catholic's were deprived of the right to vote, in Ireland

  • Severe famine affected Ireland, 400,000 people died

  • Religious Life

    In 1775 she entered with some companions on a novitiate for the religious life
  • Landowners enclosed common land for grazing cattle

  • Protestants from secret societies, about rent's and rate's

  • Received the habbit

    With them she received the habit on 29 June 1776
  • First annual Vows

    They made their first annual vows 24 June 1777
  • Catholic's were aloud to buy land.

  • Catholic's were aloud to buy land

  • Nano Nagle's Death

  • Catholic's were allowed to pratice as lawyers.

  • Catholic's were allowed to vote.