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Naming & Packaging Timeline

  • Pure Abundance Package Copy Due

    2434-001 Style Prep 100ml
    2434-002 Style Prep BB 100ml
    2434-003 Style Prep Professional Preview Copywriter: Sarah
    Copy Final to Mechanical: 8/29/11
  • Period: to

    August/September 2011

  • Fall Autumn Makeup Collection Shade Names

    2139-049 Lip Colors- Shade Names
    2139-050 Eye Singles- Shade Names
    2139-048 Lip Glazes- Shade Names Copywriter: Amie
    Copy Final: Was 8/22, now, as soon as we can get confirmation on Collection name
  • Ultra Moisturizing Skincare Franchise Naming

    2444-001 Franchise Name (second round) Copywriter: Amie
    Copy Due to Trademark: September 2nd
  • Holiday Mini Lip Glazes Naming

    Job numbers TBD
    Copywriter: Amie
    Due: 8/29
    Final Due to Trademark: 9/26/11
  • Color Conserve Packaging Copy

    2459xxx Color Conserve Shampoo
    2459xxx Color Conserve Conditioner
    2459xxx Color Conserve Treatment Tubes Copywriter: Amie
    Due: 9/5
    Final Copy Due: Oct 15th
  • Be Curly Liquid Pomade Naming

    2406-002 Be Curly Liquid Pomade Naming Copywriter: Sarah Sawyer
    Due: 9/7
  • Period: to

    Coming Up September