Nadia Whweatley

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  • birth of Nadia Wheatley

    birth of Nadia Wheatley
    Nadia Wheatley was born in Sydney in her home town of Strathfeild.
  • School days

    School days
    Nadia Wheatley attended Meriden school in Strathfield.
  • Greece

    Nadia went to live in Greece where she started to write seriously.
  • Five Times Dizzy

    Five Times Dizzy
    During her trip Nadia got the I dea of writing Five Times Dizzy.
  • Back home

    Back home
    In 1978 She went back to Newtown Australia with her husband.
  • Published

    Nadia Wheatley finally finished the book Five Times Dizzy and it got published.
  • University of Sydney

    University of Sydney
    Nadia Wheatley started an art degree inj the University of Sydney.
  • Period: to

    she is till alive

    Nadia Wheatley is 63 at the moment and is turning 64 soon.