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  • Nancy was born

    Nancy Bird Walton was born in Kew, New South Wales, Australia on the 16th of October 1915.
  • nancy left school early

    she left school early to work at her fathers general store.
  • her first time flying

    Nancy was 13 years old when she flew for the first time while in an air pageant, She had even paid the pilot extra to do some acrobatics.
  • nancy going to flying school

    Five years later that passion drove Nancy to take flying lessons, and not with any old instructor.
    Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith, the first man to fly across the mid-Pacific, had just opened a pilots' school near Sydney, and Nancy was among his first students.She was so tiny she needed cushions to reach the controls! Most women learnt to fly for fun. But Nancy planned to fly for a living.
  • meeteing Reverend Stanley Drummond

    While touring, Nancy met Reverend Stanley Drummond. He wanted her to help set up a flying medical service in outback New South Wales.Nancy bought a better-equipped plane, and began covering territory not yet reached by the Royal Flying Doctor Service. It was rewarding but lonely work.
  • her first plane

    Family members came to the rescue, and bought Nancy her first plane, a Gipsy Moth. Nancy and a friend soon took off on a barnstorming tour, dropping in on country fairs and giving joy rides.
    it was the first time some people had seen a plane, let alone a female pilot!
  • nancy giving up flying

    nancy had given upflying ecause of her age but is still working and trying hard to keep all of her planes neat and clean.
  • nancy's death

    Nancy Bird Walton died on the 13th of January 2009. She died at the age of 94, everyone who was part of her family was greatly devastated about Nancy’s death. She died from natural causes a 2PM that day.
  • Period: to

    nancy looking after her planes

    in this ime nancy had already given up her license to fly but is still wanting to go to her back shed and giving all of her planes a good touch up or just a dust.