My Timeline

By rtb4741
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    The U.S. Revolutionary War

    This war was for the freedom of the 13 colonies against the British. After this war the 13 colonies got freedom from from the British and started there own country. The British were giving the 13 colonies rediculous acts or laws such as the tea act where the they could only buy tea from one british company. This is a significant event because if it wasn't for that we would be controlled by a the british right now.
  • The Ratification of the Declaration of Independence

    This is when the Declaration of Independence was confirmed. This is a significant day because this is the day the document that says that the 13 colonies would be free from te british and become there own country was aprooved. (The 4th of july, you know the day where theres a lot of fireworks going on.)
  • When the Constitution Took Effect

    This is a very special day because this is when the constitution was in play, and when our country finally started making sense with reasonable rights. This constitution stated the U.S. country laws and regulations. This is a significant day because if it wasn't for this one section in this document called the amendments, we would all be getting punished for more than we diserve and other senseless things.
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    The Civil War

    This was a war between the states where on one side (The North side of the states) wanted the U.S. to be slave-free with no slaves allowed in the whole U.S., when the other side (The South side of the states) wanted the U.S. to have slave rights any whee in the U.S. This is an important day because if it wasn't for this day, some of our friends would be our slaves working for us.
  • The Assasination of Abraham Lincoln

    This day Abe Lincoln, our 16th president got murdered just as the Civil War was ending, he is the 1st U.S. President to get murdered. This is a significant event because Abraham Lincoln was a great president and he did a lot for our country when he could of done more.
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    The Korean War

    The Korean War is very important because it is the 1st U.S. war in the atomic age. This is an important day because this is the event that the atomic bomb was introduced to the world. This war was about communism. We got brought into the war because we wanted South Korea to win the war because South Korea and The U.S. didn't want communism when North Korea and China did want communism.
  • Apollo 11

    This is an important day because this is when humans first set foot on the moon. After this we took our engineering, learning and discovering to the next level.
  • The Death of President JFK (John F. Kennedy)

    This is the when John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed in Dallas. This day is really important because JFK was a great president and he really did a lot for america such as: prevent the U.S. from going into a nuclear war with Russia.
  • 9/11 terrorist attack

    This is the day that errorists hijacked 4 planes and crashed 2 into the twin towers, 1 into the pentagon and 1 got drove into the ground by brave passengers. This is a very important day because many many people died and 2 very important buildings fell with another damaged.
  • The Death of Osama Bin Laden

    This is the day when the U.S. Navy Seals Killed Osama Bin Laden, this day is very important to us americans because Osama is the one who planned out the 9/11 attack. This is a significant day because people around the country are glad that the planner of 9/11 is dead and that the country is feeling there relief that he won't plan another attack on another special landmark.