My side of the Mountain-AY

Timeline created by kmkmmm
  • Left Home

    Sam left home to go to the forest. (exact date unknown)
  • Found Gibbley Farm & Learned to Make Fire

    Found his great grandpa old farm (exact date unknown
  • House done, Met Strawberry Lady, Saw a Falcon & got a hair cut

    His house in a tree got don, met strawberry lady and picked strawberries with her, saw a falcon flying & got a hair cut from the librarian
  • Met the Baron Weasel & Made Salt

    Met the weasel that he will see a lot & made salt out of hickory
  • Made More Salt

    Out of hickory
  • Widdled a Shovel & Frightful has One in. Wings

    To dig a pit & measured Frightful's wings
  • Got a dear

    A dear fell in a pit
  • Did Things with the New Dear

    started dear skin suit & smoked the dear
  • Made Flower & frightful caught her first pray

    Made acorn flower & and frightful caught a sparrow. (exact date unknown)
  • Met Jessy Coon James & met Bando

  • Finished Suit

    Got done with the pants & shirt. (exact date unknown)