my side of the mountain

By Lily456
  • When Sam ran away

    Not sure of the year
  • When Sam finished his tree house

    The tree house is six feet in diameter
  • Sam captures Frightful

    Sam picked the biggest and the nestings
  • Sam decided to dig a pit to trap a deer

    Sam would like to kill a deer
  • Bando makes pottery

    Bando needs jars to store the blueberry jam
  • Bando leaves

    bando has to return to school
  • today the Baron Weasel looked moldy

    The seasons are changing and the animals are getting ready for winter
  • Sam gets clay for fire place

    As winter comes, Sam knows he will need a way to stay warm in his tree
  • Sam begans to gather nut

    In a race with the squirrels, Sam gathers nuts for his winter supply
  • deer season begins

    Sam hears gun shots realizes that his clothes are in danger for getting him shot
  • "wild boy Suspested Living off deer skin"

    An article i the New York news paper tells about a boy living in the catskills
  • hunting season is over

    Two weeks weeks after deer season began
  • Sam's first snowstorm

    Sam holed up in his tree home and ate turtle soup
  • The deer have pressed in all arond Sam

  • Sam thinks the owls have eggs

  • Sam climb the tree

  • It is finally spring

  • Period: to

    when I started The book And When I ended the chapter