Book cover my name is seepeetza by shirley sterling

My Name is Seepeetza

  • Kalamak Indian Residential School (K.I.R.S)

    Kalamak Indian Residential School (K.I.R.S)
    Introduction to Kalamak Indian Residential School in the city Kalamak, BC. In this entry, Shirley Sterling is known as Martha Stone. Here we are introduced to several key characters Mr. Oiko her teacher, Father Sloane the principal, Cookie her cousin, and the stone family, Frank (Father), Marie (Mother), Frank (older brother), Dorothy (older sister), Missy (younger sister), Benny (younger brother), and Yah-yah (Grandmother). pp. 11
  • Joyaska Ranch (Town of Firefly)

    Joyaska Ranch (Town of Firefly)
    First diary entry at Joyaska Ranch. Seepetza is back home for Christmas holidays. She reminisces about spending time with her family reading books off-limits for kids with her cousin Cookie, and a spiritual dream that she has about three bears which prompts Marie stone her mother to talk about what it means to become a woman. pp.45
  • Indian Meadows

    Indian Meadows
    Introduction to Uncle Tommy and Yah-yah Marie Stone takes her and the kids to Indian Meadows to her brother Tommy's house after Frank Stone comes home drunk on new years eve. They stay at Tommy's house eating, listening to music, and reminiscing for a couple of days as they wait out Frank's partying back at home. pp.47
  • K.I.R.S

    A boy named Leo was found dead in the woodshop after no one had checked up on him after the dinner bell. Here Seepeetza also finds out that her childhood crush Charlie has died after falling into the Frasier River. Seepeetza grieves the death of Charlie, but doesn't quite know how to cope. Meanwhile, the school bully Edna teases Seepeetza as she tries to rationalize her feelings. pp.97
  • Joyaska Ranch (Cody Canyon)

    Joyaska Ranch (Cody Canyon)
    Frank takes the kids on a foraging trip into the mountains to pick berries. Here we hear Frank talk about how construction is popping up around the ranch and how life won't be the same when the kids grow up. Here we see a more vulnerable side of Frank; we see a man worn down by a changing way of life as he tells his kids to get an education so that they can get jobs in a future where traditional ways of living are few and far between. pp.123