My Music in Time

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  • In the beginning

    In the beginning
    When I was little my parents had an old record player and some vinyl records that they would play. However, most of the music I listened to was on the radio.
  • My little tape player

    My little tape player
    When I was a little older my sister and I had a little tape player that we could play tapes. The biggest problem is that we never had any batteries and only a few tapes of what my parents liked to listen to.
  • My first Walkman

    My first Walkman
    I was so excited the Christmas I got my very own Walkman and two tapes of my very favorite singers Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson.
  • My own stereo/boombox

    My own stereo/boombox
    I remember the summer of playing in the yard and listening to the radio. We would keep a blank tape ready to record songs we liked from the radio. You had to be careful to push record right when it started and it always had the DJ talking over the first part of the song and the end of the song.
  • My own CD player

    My own CD player
    It was so cool when we got our first CD player and you could skip to a song with out rewinding or fast forwarding.
  • Everything Stereo

    Everything Stereo
    I got a really nice stereo that had CD player, tapes, and you could had a big bass sound. But is was not portable.
  • Discman

    A portable CD player was fabulous but had some skipping issues. I also had to carry around a book of cds if I wanted to change to other songs.
  • House Stereo

    House Stereo
    We had a multi CD disc changer and it was wired through a system in the house. We could pick multiple things to listen to and we could play it in several rooms in the house. It was a big party
  • I pod

    I pod
    I might have been a little behind but I didn't get an ipod until 2002. It was great to download a bunch of songs and to play them. It was small and really nice to have around.
  • Smartphone/Streaming

    I loved when my phone could stream music from Pandora or other music apps. You could just start music and dance around.
  • Today

    My kids every morning ask Alexa to play the songs they want. On the Show they can see the lyrics or watch a music video. Music is at the fingertips.