My Mom's first year from Ireland

By 24chuik
  • Graduation

    After graduating from University College of Cork, she immediately started to pack up her life for the U.S. with her 2 sisters.
  • The big move

    The big move
    Took the 7 hour flight to the U.S. for the first time.
  • The first weekend in a new place

    The first weekend in a new place
    For her first weekend in Boston, she went to go visit Chinatown as a way to better understand and experience her culture. In Ireland she barely had any exposure to Asian food, except for the food her mother made every little while. During her childhood she would be the only Asian in the room and she never noticed it as a problem when she was younger, but as she matured she realized she didn't know much about the Asian culture because she was barely exposed to it, while growing up.
  • Start of a new home

    Start of a new home
    Her belongings have arrived as well as the keys to her new place, her sisters and herself started unpacking trying to a new place less scary.
  • 9 to 5

    9 to 5
    After college she had a professor recommend for my mom to go work with a the professor's friend in America. On her first day of work, she filed papers all day long and picked up lunch and coffee for the team. Every day she sticked to the same routine and at first she wasn't satisfied with her skills not being used, but as time went on she was getting important tasks or simply having a spot during conferences.
  • A new favorite

    A new favorite
    One weekend she went to a pho restaurant after work with her sisters and bought a filling bowl of noodles for four dollars. Then for the next year she would go to the same place once a week to buy a bowl of pho until it unfortunately closed down.
  • A life changing recipe

    A life changing recipe
    The first two months of living in a new country wasn't easy. She didn't have many friends and the ones she made were only on work terms. She also wanted to learn how to cook Asian recipes, so she started to take cooking lessons with hope of making new friends and having a closer connection to her culture. During those couple of weeks she made her first couple of friends in the U.S. and together they would travel, hangout, and introduce her to an American lifestyle.
  • Christmas Pudding

    Christmas Pudding
    For their first holiday season as friends they first went out to dinner for burgers, which my mom had never had before. Later on they went back to someones apartment and then my mom made Irish Christmas Pudding, which is a fruit cake mixed with a ton of alcohol, but it was a must have back home, and secretly it made her feel less homesick. They also did secret santa. She got a U.S. flag cup, which was the her first USA item
  • New Years Eve

    New Years Eve
    On New Years Eve, the sisters threw their first house party. My moms friends went as well as her sisters friends and in total there was around 20 people which wasn't bad for a group of girls who just moved to a new country knowing nobody. While everyone was waiting for the countdown, they were playing games, singing songs, but overall just enjoying their time together.
  • The Boston Aquarium

    The Boston Aquarium
    The group also went to The Boston Aquarium. The group loved seeing all the different animals, but my mom especially loved seeing all the turtles because my mom never saw a turtle in real life before, but only in pictures. After the aquarium everyone went to a friends apartment and didn't leave till after midnight; "it was a very fun night. Looking back at it, I still smile and laugh."
  • Galentines

    On Valentines Day, the group did a homemade dinner with all their new recipes they learned from cooking class. My mom and her friends cooked all different types of Asian recipes, which allowed her to feel closer to her culture especially because she was able to cook the authentic dishes by herself.
  • Year of the Rat

    Year of the Rat
    In Ireland, Lunar New Year was rarely acknowledged. She didn't know the traditions and meaning behind the holiday, but Boston had celebrations on every street in Chinatown. The celebration lasted for over a week and the sisters were able to get a better picture and cultural understanding of their culture.
  • A Far St. Patrick's Day

    A Far St. Patrick's Day
    After 7 months from family, the holiday she missed the most was St. Patrick's Day. In Ireland, St. Patrick's Day is the most celebrated and important day of the year. Everyone had to be given the day off and students didn't need to go to school. Since the sisters were missing home so much they made a traditional St. Patrick's Day dinner. The sisters made corned beef and cabbage as well as beef stew, which made the sisters feel less homesick.
  • A trip home

    A trip home
    With her 2 sisters, my mom went back to Ireland to visit her parents as well as her remaining four siblings left behind. They went back baring American treats—Lays, Doritos, Hubba Bubba bubblegum, and a family favorite; hamburger gummies.
  • A difficult goodbye

    A difficult goodbye
    After spending two weeks in Ireland, the sisters had to say goodbye. While replacing the American treats, the sisters bought all their favorite Irish snacks they've missed—Tayto Chips, Flake Chocolate, and Rancheros. Even though the first goodbye was difficult, the goodbyes never got easier, so the drive to the Airport was a bitter sweet experience.
  • A hike in Maine

    A hike in Maine
    The friends also went on a weekend trip to Maine. This trip allowed my mom to fall in love with hiking as well as lobster. Although she enjoyed lobster at home, something about the lobsters in Maine was game changing for her. They visited areas like Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor.
  • A growing love

    A growing love
    The sisters went to the Franklin Park Zoo and during their time there, each sister got to visit their favorites animal. My mom really wanted to go during the weekend of the 27th because it was a special weekend where guests were able to interact with turtles. This weekend allowed for my mom to grow her fascination and love of turtles.
  • Welcome to New York

    Welcome to New York
    The sisters went on a road trip to New York City because it is a must do activity when in America. The sisters also went to New York's version of China town, which grew their love for their culture. My mom was able to visit the New Year's Eve ball as well as the World Trade Centers.
  • A trip to the Cape

    A trip to the Cape
    In Ireland, there are many beaches but it was always cold and the ocean was never warm, even if it was the hottest time of the year. Once it was summer time, she went to take her first swim in the Cape, which she heard great things about from the new friends she made.
  • An Unexpected Surprise

    An Unexpected Surprise
    My mom went to a surprise birthday party for one of her friends. Although there were many people at the house, one person stood out to my mom. The two talked all day and into the night as well as after the party. He introduced himself as Denver Chui and asked for her name and she replied; Christine Liu.