My Life Timeline

  • Babyhood

    I was born on this day at 1:46 A.M.
    I was 7 pounds, 4 oz and 21 inches long!
  • My Birthday

    When I was a year old I got pretty much baby things such as dipers and wipes.
  • My Birthday

    That year was when my 2nd Birthday was. I got toys and chew things to chew on because I was teathing.
  • My New Sister & My Birthday

    May 14, 2001 my sister was born Mackenzie, I had a sister. In November I had my 3rd birthday, I got bigger toys for toddlers.
  • Preschool

    I went to Preschool when I was 3 and I went another year because I was to young to go into Kindergarten.
  • My Birthday

    It was my birthday then and as I grew older I got bigger and better toys.
  • My 5th Birthday

    It was my 5th Birthday and I started getting actual toys, they never seemed to break.
  • My Birthday

    It was my 6th birthday and I went to a resturaunt and we ate there and then came home to my house and opened presents and had ice cream.
  • Kindergarten

    I went to Kindergarten at age 5, my teacher was Mrs. Gradwohl. I went to Prescott School.
  • My 6th Bday

    It was my sixth birthday and I remember getting my first bike.
  • Wallowa Lake

    We go to Wallowa Lake every year but when I was 7 I went to Wallowa Lake for the first time, now we go every year.
  • 1st Grade

    When I started first grade I was terrified, but I had a good teacher which was Mrs. Lindsey
  • My 7th Bday

    This was when my dad had taught me how to ride a bike without training wheels.
  • 2nd Grade

    My teacher when I was in second grade was Mrs. Henderson, although I did not quite like her.
  • My Birthday

  • Mexico

    We went to Mexico last year and we swam with dolphins, I will never forget that adventure, it was a blast and we even had our family there. We stayed in the same room but it was 2 rooms in one so we all shared, they even got a discount on it.
  • Celebrating my Bday

    I will be celebrating my birthday the day after school and then I will have a sleepover.