My Life

  • Period: to

    My Life

  • Birth

  • 1st Birthday

    Had a party
  • 2nd Birthday

    I got a ferbie
  • historical event

    The world celebrates the turn of the millenium
  • 3rd Birthday

    I got a ferbie
  • historical event

    A devastating terrorist attack leaves 3,000 dead in America
  • Historical Event

    Apple launches the iPod
  • 4th Birthday

    I had a party and got a lot of toys
  • 5th Birthday

    The last birthday that my grandma attended..
  • 6th Birthday

  • 7th birthday

  • 8th birthday

  • 9th birthday

  • House fire

  • 10th birthday

  • 11th birthday

  • 12th birthday

  • New Child in the Family

    My aunt Amy had a baby girl
  • 13th birthday

  • 14th birthday

  • 15th birthday

  • 16th birthday

  • Permit

    passed my permit test
  • Florida Trip

    Band trip
  • 17th Dirthday

  • First real job

    Dairy qeen
  • 30 year old self

  • 18th Birthday

  • 19th Birthday

  • 20th birthday