my life

  • i was born

    I was born the 20 of october of 2000
  • vacations of chirstmas

    I made my first trip to ibague
  • sick

    i get sick and i went to the hospital for 1 week
  • ibague

    i went to ibague for celebreating the birthday of my sisiter
  • my first birthday

    my first birthday in ibague
  • my first fly

    i take my first airplane to santa marta
  • my first ride

    i ride my first hourse in my farm
  • birthday

    my second birthday
  • out of the country

    y went out of the country for first time to U.S.A

    i start kindergarden
  • panama

    I went out of the country for second time to panama
  • birthday

    my third birthday
  • Orlando

    i visit Orlando for first time
  • i move

    i move house to chia
  • miami

    iwent to miami
  • birthday

    my fourth bithday
  • cruise

    i take a royal caribian cruise
  • a long trip

    me with my family travel the caribian coast of colombia all
  • birthday

    my five birthday
  • ibague

    i travel to ibague for a long time
  • squash

    i start to play squash
  • birthday

    my sixth birthday
  • my first cup

    i play my first cup of squash
  • cup of squash

    i win my first international cup of squash
  • birthday

    my seventh birthday
  • usa

    i travel to new york and boston for new year and to see the snow
  • travel

    i travel to cartagena
  • my dad

    my dad start working at the fidupredizora
  • medellin

    i travel to medelli for my birthday
  • birthday

    me eighth birthday
  • ibague

    i travel to ibague for christmas
  • aruba

    i travel to aruba
  • farm

    i travel to my farm for one week
  • life in usa

    i went to life in usa for 6 months
  • died

    my great grand father died
  • birthday

    my nineth birthday
  • barranquilla

    i travel to barranquilla for new year
  • ibague

    i travel to ibague
  • europe

    i travel to europe for first time
  • final of world cup

    i was in spain when spain win the world football cup
  • birthday

    my tenth birthday
  • squash cup

    i win an international squash cup
  • santa marta

    i went to santa marta
  • usa

    i travel to ,los angeles and san francisco for first time
  • birthday

    my eleventh birthday
  • golf

    i sartto play golf
  • santa marta

    i travel to santa marta for new year
  • cup of golf

    i win my first cup of golf
  • birthday

    my telveth birthday
  • birthday

    my thertinth birthday
  • birthday

    my fourteenth birthday
  • birthday

    my fifteenth birthday
  • birthday

    my sixteenth birthday
  • birthday

    my sevententh birthday
  • birthday

    my eightennth birthday
  • bie bie school

    i am going to graduate of scholl
  • study

    i am gone study medicine
  • life in...

    i am going to live in spain
  • married

    i am going to get married