my life

  • my birthday

    my birthday
    i was born on this date in san antonio tx i am panamaian
  • walking

    started walking at age 9 to 10 months
  • historical event

    historical event
    lyrics to candle in the wind auction for $442,500
  • backstreetboys

  • historical event

    historical event
    in miami flordia five abortion clinics are hit by a butryic acid attacker
  • my grandma

    my grandma
    my grandma came from panama to vistit
  • song

    baby one more time by brittany spears
  • historical event

    historical event
    mireya moscos is first lady of panama to become president
  • army move

    army move
    we moved to fort hood on base
  • deploy

    dad went to korea right after we moved to fort hood
  • the time i watch this movie but i was so little my sister told me we watch it

    the time i watch this movie but i was so little my sister told me we watch it
  • songs

    pop song is great beat and good rythmn
  • food that came out in 2000

    food that came out in 2000
    cupcakes were popular
  • gospel album

    gospel album
    a gospel album by a group called third day called "offerings" a worship album
  • song

    jaded by aerosmith
  • reaggeton song

    reaggeton song
  • the hottest game

    the hottest game
    legend of zelda oracle of season for gameboy
  • electronic

    a nokia phone
  • pop songs

    pop songs
    christina aguilera song fighter
  • panma pride

    panma pride
    another day going to panama
  • attack

    islamic terriost involed in march 11, 2004 madrid attacks attemp to bomb the spanish high speed train ave near madrid
  • shows

    yu ghi oh the movie
  • games

    ncaa march madness
  • reagge song

    reagge song
    calle ocho by pitbull
  • gospel music

    gospel music
    holy is the lord
  • hip hop

    hip hop
    kanye west gold digger
  • rock acapella

    rock acapella
    a rock group similar sound like the group jared
  • lil mama pop hip hop

    lil mama pop hip hop
    lip gloss
  • birthday

    i turn 10
  • historical event

    historical event
    the namdeamun fire severely burn it, the first national treasure of south korea
  • pop song

    pop song
    tik tokkesha song tik tok
  • pop song

    pop song
    lady gaga just dance
  • historical event

    historical event
    jermey lusk, american freestyle racer died
  • rock song

    rock song
    linkin park "new divide"
  • k pop

    k pop
    g dragon a korean pop artist his album "heartbreaker" came out
  • the day i got a dog

    the day i got a dog
    my wiener dog bradley he got his name badley because that was the name of the tank my dad drove in the army
  • country song

    country song
    need you now by lady antabelum
  • pop song

    pop song
    lady gaga alejandro song
  • song

    pitbull song hey baby drop it to the floor
  • historical event

    historical event
    osama bin ladden got shot
  • hello kitty

    hello kitty
    the day she was born