my important dates in my life timeline

  • my birth

    i was born on the 26th febuary 1999
  • 1st christmas

    first ever christmas
  • first steps

    i started to walk a month and some days
  • 1 year old today

    my first birthday 1 today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • second birthday

    2 today another birthday gone
  • my brother is born

    my brother mathew is born
  • 2nd christmas

    my brothers first christmas and my 2nd
  • 3rd birthday

    my 3rd bithday years are going fast
  • my brothers 1st birthday

    he is 1 today
  • 4th birthday

    4 today
  • 2nd birthday

    matts 2nd birthday
  • 5th birthday

    half of 10 is 5 and i am 5 today
  • 3 today

    matts 3rd birthday today
  • i joined a footy team

    i joined my first football team called mayhem at the age of five
  • my sister is born

    my sister olivia is born
  • first holiday

    my first holiday on a plane when i was 7 matt was 5 and olivia was 0
  • olivia's 1st

    christmas number 1 for olivia
  • Olivia's first birthday

    1 is the first number
  • my brother joins his football team

    my brother joins his football team called santos
  • holiday to menorca

    gone to a spanish island menorca
  • age 8 today

    8 today, 8
  • olivia's 3rd christmas

    3rd christmas for my sister
  • we finished 2nd in the league

    runners up win it next time
  • we went menorca

    we went the hot menorca
  • won our cup

  • joined thomas more

    joined thomas more for my high school
  • we went disney land paris

    we went disney land paris on he euro tunnel
  • year 8 begins

    year 8 starts today
  • teenager

    13 today now a teenager
  • CHAMPIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We won our football league by SIX POINTS