My Government

Timeline created by sydneyroten
  • Servescia

    There was a land filled with native people of that land. This land was called Servescia. All of the people were happy and content and enjoyed their time there.
  • The Invasion

    A boat full of people arrived to the land suddenly one day. They had weapons and tools. They started attacking the native people, but they were prepared. They started to fight back. This began the war called The Great Invasion.
  • The Great Invasion Goes On

    For many months, The Great Invasion stayed. People kept coming to the land and the natives kept fighting them off. It was a long war that ended up lasting for decades. The native people got stronger and stronger, and so did the invaders.
  • The Great Invasion Ends

    After so many long years of fighting, The Great Invasion had finally stopped. The invaders and the natives were stronger than ever, and they had gotten so caught up in the war that no one even realized the damage they had done to the planet. The once clear, blue skies were now a musky gray. The once rich, green grass was now dry, chalky dirt. No one knew what to do, but they knew something had to be done.
  • The Government is created.

    The invaders and the natives united and called themselves Derelians. Together, they created a democratic government in which everyone votes in the decisions they make. This government focused mostly on saving the environment.