My family tree

  • Mom's Birthday

    My mom was born in Denver,Colorado, the 4th of 7 children.
  • Dad's Birthday

    My dad was born in Utica, NY, The 3rd child out of 6. He was the first male of his generation in his extended family.
  • Mom and Dad married

    My parents families immigraed from western European countries like Ireland, Gremany, France ,and the United Kingdom. Their marriage brought together many cultrural traditions.
  • Madi's adoption

    My parents adopted my older sister from ChongQing, Sichuan, China.This brought a new cultural heritage into our family.
  • Madi's Birthday

    My sister was found at a bus/train station and brought to an orphanage at 6 weeks of age.
  • Julia's Adoption

    I was adopted from YongXiu,JiangXi, China. Now our family has a second chinese culture.
  • Julia's Birthday

    I was found outside of a police station in YongXiu and taken to an orphanage when i was 1 doay old.
  • Our Heritage Tour in China

    we spent 3 weeks going back to our orphanages and and touring cultural places like Terra Cotta warriors,The Great wall,and the pandas.