My Family Timeline

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    Family/American History

  • French force at Dien Bien Phu fell to Vietnam

    The French Union surrendered againts the Viet Minh. Only 3,000 of the 12,000 French prisoners survived. At the Geneva Conference, the French negotiated an agreement with the Viet Minh. Independence was granted to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.
  • Dad's Birthday

    My dad was born in Michigan. He was the oldest of three kids and went to the University of Michigan.
  • Gulf of Tonkin Resolution passed

    Gulf of Tonkin Resolution passed
    The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was passed in response to a sea battle between North Vietnamese boats and the US destroyers. It gave President Lyndon B. Johnson authorization, without a formal declaration of war by Congress.
  • North attack South Vietnam

    North attack South Vietnam
    North Vietnam surprise attack South Vietnam after U.S. troops had already returned home. They wanted the South to become communists.
  • Faculty members of University of Michigan joined teach-ins

    Faculty members of University of Michigan joined teach-ins
    University of Michigan has been recognized as one of the focal points for the protest that became nation wide. The Vietnam conflict wasn't a major issue on campus until President Lyndon B. Johnson ordered the bombing of North Vietnam.
  • Mom's Birthday

    My mom was born in Danvers, Massachusetts. She grew up the middle child of two sisters and went to Fairfiel University.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Assassinated

    Dr. Martin Luther King Assassinated
    Dr. Martin Luther Kind was assissinated in Memphis, Tennessee. He established a U.S. federal holiday in 1986.
  • Withdrawal from Vietnam

    Withdrawal from Vietnam
    25,000 American soldiers were withdrawn from Vietnam by President Nixson. At this time he proposed the "8-point plan".
  • Parents get Married

    My parents got married in Beverly, Massachusetts. They honeymooned in Nantucket which is an island off of Massachusetts.
  • Moved into house

    My family and I moved into our new house. We had been living with my Grandpa and Grandma while our house was being built.
  • Dad Burned

    While my dad was burning leaves at our newly built house, he threw a match into the pit and it blew up at him. He ran to the pond and jumped in. Every part of his body that wasn't covered by his shorts and T-shirt was burned. He was rushed to the hospital but there was nothing they could do for him there. They didn't think he was going to make it but they didn't lose hope. Before being flown to the hospital in Ann Arbor, my family had to say their goodbyes to him.
  • Papa found out he's Italian

    Papa found out he's Italian
    My Papa was adopted when he was a child. He never new what nationalily he was because the people who adopted him never told him. He went to an office to check out some form and ended up with his adoption forms. He eventualy found out he is 100% Italian and his last name is Lombardi.