My Brother Sam is Dead

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    My Brother Sam is Dead

  • The Battles of Lexington and Concord

    On April 18th, 1775, colonial militia fought the British at Lexington and Concord in order to keep the leaders of the Revolution safe and keep the colonial militia's weapons
  • Sam comes home and declares he will join the Patriot Army

    Sam returns home with news of Lexington and Concord. His father is outraged by the events and afterwards Sam declares he is going to join the Patriot cause and fight in the army.
  • Conflict: Tim needs to decide whether to side with Sam or Father

    After Sam says he is joining the army and leaves home, Tim needs to decide whether to support his brother Sam, or side with his father
  • Tim and Father set out for Verplanck's Point

    Tim and Father set out for Verplanck's Point in the fall of 1776 to get supplies for the tavern. On the way to their destination, cow-boys stop them; they beat up Father until British soldiers come to their rescue and transport them to Verplanck's Point.
  • Tim and Father come home from Verplanck's Point

    Tim and Father are returning home from Verplanck's Point, but Father rides ahead to look for cowboys while Tim rides in the wagon. Tim then realizes he hasn't seen his father in awhile, and he is then confronted by cowboys. Tim scares them off by telling them of his escort and rides home. The family then learns Father is dead.
  • The British march into Redding

    The British soldiers march into Redding on April 26, 1777. They then arrest Capt. Betts, Jerry Sanford, and Mr. Rogers. The British later march out of Redding when a American messenger rides in. They shoot him. They continue their march where they meet Rebel forces in a house and kill them.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    General Horatio Gates of the Continental Army marchs to New York to face the British.
  • Americans finish off the British at Saratoga

    The Americans force the British to surrender. This battle causes the French to join the Americans in the war against Britain and it keeps the British from cutting Boston off from the rest of the Rebels.
  • The Continentals march into Redding for the winter.

    The Continentals march into Redding for the winter. and Sam is with them. Sam occassionally comes home to his family even though he isn't supposed to.
  • Washington's Army enters Valley Forge

    Washington's army begins a long and hard winter in the harsh Valley Forge. Fortunately, it benefits the troops who survive because they become a better army
  • Climax: Sam is arrested for stealing cattle

    While in the Meeker tavern, Tim and Sam rush outside to stop cattle thiefs who are actually Continental troops. When Sam attempts to stop them, they beat him up and arrest him for stealing the cattle.
  • Tim attempts to save Sam while Sam is in prison

    Tim takes his dad's bayonet from the wall and sneaks off to the Continental encampment in order to save Sam. When Tim gets there, he sneaks close to the holding cell and throws the bayonet in the cell in order for Sam to escape. Unfortunately, Sam isn't in the cell anymore and Tim is shot in the shoulder on the way home.
  • Resolution: Sam is executed by being shot

    On the morning February 16, 1778, Tim goes to Sam's execution. Sam is to be shot, but the soldiers miss the first shots and Sam catches fire instead of dying. A soldier then comes up and shoots Sam in the head, killing him.
  • Washington's Army leaves Valley Forge

    Washingotn's army leaves Valley Forge a well deciplined army.