musical timeline

  • Period: to


  • gramophone

    First recording device made in 1887. It made recording easy.
  • Electric recording

    Electric recording
    It brought the microphone to have vocals. So People could sing.
  • Overdubbing

    overdubbing allowed people to blend two recordings. You could blend sounds.
  • The taperecoder

    The taperecoder
    the tape recorder, didn’t use stylus and used magnetic tape.It made it easier to record.
  • WW2

    United troops attack Germany
    It was to helpto jews.
  • stereo

    The first stereo recordings are made in Berlin. Berlin was smart.
  • cassete tape

    cassete tape
    The compact cassete tape is released. Easy recording
  • analog recording

    analog recording
    Analog recording devices used in Vietnam War. It made it able to contact people.
  • Dawson is born

    Dawson is born
    is born same year Cher’s song “Believe” comes out.
  • Master Sword of Death

    Trystin Huseman got a real Master Sword