• Studio

    First Time In The Studio I started recording my 2nd mixtape
  • Performance 1

    Performance 1
    First PerformanceI performed in ATL at a local club.
  • Performance 2

    Performance 2
  • Block Party

    Block Party
    A&T Block Partyi performed at the NC A&T block party with Brandon Brockington
  • Couture Open Mic

    Couture Open Mic
    Best Known Performancei performed at an Open Mic for Couture Productions in Stallings Ballroom
  • Couture Production

    Couture Production
    Dancing and RappingI performed with Couture Production Dance sector at the Couture Awards
  • Modelling

    Modelling For DC DesignerThrough my music i was offered the oppurtunity to model with Jermanine Neal, a local designer.
  • First Video

    First Video
    First Video Main Girl I was asked to be the main girl in a local rapper named Rimraw's video
  • Creative Hysteria

    Creative Hysteria
    Cover Search I was offered a free photoshoot to find the cover of my mixtape
  • Cover

    I finally found the picture i wanted to be cover of my mixtape.