Music History Quiz

  • Jubilee Lasting Impression

    Fisk Jubilee Singers perform in Boston
  • Period: to

    Music History

  • world tour

    Jubiliee Singers start their world tour 6 year gig. reached Asia, Holy Land, Europe
  • Jeanette Thurber opens new music company

    opens American Opera Company
  • Dvorak comes to America

    Antonin Dvorak and 2 of his kids and his wife depart from Europe to head to America
  • He arrives in Hoboken

    Dvorak arrives in America (Hoboken)
  • Columbus Celebration

    Held in NYC lasted three days. Dvorak planned on directing a new cantata at the opera house but the planned failed for that week.
  • Dvorak columbian te deum performed

    performed at Carnegie hall. replaced cantata
  • Dohomian's arrive at the World fair

    Dahomans are a group of people from African Kingdom named Dahomy. Influenced Cook, Dunbar, Williams, and Walker for there show In Dahomey
  • New York Herald Interview

    Dvorak gets interviewed by NY herald about his completed symphony. he also traveled around the world (Paris Herald)
  • New World Symphony Completed

    Dvorak completes, dates, and signs the New World Symphony. Family arrived that week as well.
  • Chicago World Fair arrival

    Dvorak and family arrive at the Chicago World Fair for a day. Dvorak goes back at the end of the summer
  • Spillville summer vaca

    Dvoraks spends the summer in Spillville Iowa with his family.
  • Bohemian day at worlds fair

    dvorak conducted the gala concert for bohemiam day
  • New World Symphony Premiered

    Premiered in Carnegie Hall
  • Dvorak directs conservatory

    Directs national conservatory chorus and orchestra in a benefit concert at madison square garden for the NY Herald's Clothing Fund. Showcased Maurice Arnold who was one of Dvorak's students. Two soloists introduced "Sissieretta Jones and Harry T. Burleigh.
  • John Wesley Crummel brought idea up

    Brought idea of a African American institute. Brought in poets and latin teachers, as well as clergymen.Later brought in famous scholar WEB Du Bois.
  • clorindy the origin of the cakewalk

    First all black broadaway show.
  • Rubin Goldmark teaches Copland

    Aaron Copland was the student of Rubin Goldmark.
  • Copland heads to France

    Copland studies with Nadia Boulanger.
  • Rubin Goldmark becomes head of composition department

    becomes head of composition department at the Musical Art (Juilliard). He also founded the Bohemian Musical Society,
  • the meeting of Gershwin and Goldmark