Music History

By ahovey
  • Alan Freed Launches Moondog show

  • Boom of Doo Wop

  • Bill Haleys Rock Around the CLock

  • The crew cuts hit #1

  • Elvis Records At Sunset Studio

  • Johnny Cash forms the Tennessee Two with Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant

  • Hank Ballard and the Moonighters.

  • Ray Charles Records I got a Women

  • Ray Charles forms the band

  • Carl Perkins Blue Suede Shoes

  • Chuck Berry fist rock and roll with guitar as the main

  • Ace Records by Johnny Vincent in New Orleans

  • The Everly Brothers made their first studio recordings

  • Buddy Hollys first recording

  • Bob dylan

  • Elvis appeard on the Ed Sullivan show

  • Bob dylan goes to a beattels concert

    rent an electric guitar
  • Bettle become hated

  • James Brown

  • Bob Dylan goes to England to badh the Beetles

  • Janice Joplan

    BEcome the undisputed queen of rock and roll