MUS 116

  • John Lennon born- Liverpool blitz air raid, bombing during birth

    -Liverpool blitz air raid, bombing during birth
  • Electricity, coal, gas rationing begins

  • Paul born (real name James)

  • Geroge Born

  • soap rationing ends

  • sugar rationing ends

  • food rationing ends

  • Quarrymen formed

  • John Lennon (age 15) joins Quarrymen

  • Period: to

    Paul Learns Guitar

  • Mary McCartney (Paul Mom) Dies

  • Paul McCartney (age 15) joins Quarrymen

  • Quarrymen play at St. Peter's Church - LENNON MEETS MCCARTNEY

  • Paul debuts w/ Quarrymen (and fucks up)

  • George Harrison (age 15) joined Quarrymen

  • 1st recording- A) That'll be the day B) In Spite of all the Danger

  • George meets Quarrymen at The Morgue venue and played guitar boogie shuffle

  • Quarrymen play opening of Cashbash

    Len/Mc/Har & Ken Brown (no drummer)
  • Period: to

    Beatles are a group ( counting early years before Ringo)

  • Stu Sutcliffe (age 19) joins quarrymen

  • Pete Best (age 19) joins Quarrymen

  • Period: to

    Beatles play Indra Club

  • Period: to

    Beatles Play Kaiserkeller Club

  • Period: to

    Beatles Play Top Ten Club

  • First Performance at the Cavern

  • Period: to

    Beatles Play Top Ten Club Again

  • Recorded My Bonnie with Tony Sheridan as The Beat Bros

  • Bob Dylan Discovered

  • Beatles Audtion for Decca

    Did not go well, 15 tracks recorded
  • Parlophone (George Martin) Offer BE a contract for Beatles

  • Audition at EMI Studios

    Ron Richards chose there song selection
    Please, Please Me , Love Me Do, Ask Me Why, Besame Mucho
  • Ringo Starr (age 22) joins The Beatles

  • Pete Best FIRED by BE *rip career*

  • Love Me Do (beatles 1st single)

  • The Song Please, Please Me Released FIRST #1 HIT

  • Record PPE album in one day

  • Please Please Me

    Album Relase
  • Last Cavern Performance

  • I wanna be your man (stones) issued

  • With the Beatles Album release

  • I wanna be your man (beatles) issued

  • I Want to hold your hand released

    First #1 hit in US
    first song on for track tape recorder
    best selling beatles song ever
  • Period: to

    Beatles First US Tour

  • Beatles on Ed Sullivan

    Largest Audience ever for an american tv show
  • Hard Day's Night album released

  • "I'm A Loser“ released

  • George and John given LSD by dentist

  • Beatles for Sale Album released

  • Period: to

    Recording and filiming Help!

    UK, Austrain Alps, The Bahamas
  • Beatles: “Ticket to Ride” – US single issued 19 April 1965

  • British Invasion Peaks

  • film Help! premieres

  • Help! album released

  • Shea Stadium concert

  • Period: to

    Rubber Soul Recorded

  • Rubber Soul released

  • 4th Tome Around Recorded

  • Bob Dylan, "4th Time Around“ recorded

  • Period: to

    Revolver recorded

  • “God Only Knows” issued by The Beach Boys on Pet Sounds

  • Butcher Cover Released (US only)

  • Yesterday and Today album released (US only)

  • “Here, There and Everywhere” recorded

  • Revolver Album released

  • Last Beatles concert in SF, Candlestick Park