Mrs.Trpkosh's Robbery Investigation

  • Ms.Trpkosh is Robbed

    Ms.Trpkosh is Robbed
    Mrs. Trpkosh is leaving her room around 3:45, walking down the hallway when she is shoved up against the lockers and robbed. The robber took her purse and ran.
  • Mrs. Trpkosh Gives Statement

    Mrs. Trpkosh Gives Statement
    Mrs. Trpkosh tells the police that the robber was wearing jeans and a black sweatshirt he was around 5'8"-5'11", 160-175lbs. She also says that she feels she would personally know this person, they would have to know that she doesn't leave till around 3:45 to pick up her kids.
  • Period: to

    Investigation Process

  • Koppenhaver

    Ms. Koppenhaver says she left around 3:30 and Mr. Rydstrom was in Mrs.Trpkosh's room.
  • Frasson

    Mrs. Frasson says Trpkosh was talking about a specific amount of money she had a luch last week.
  • Ms.Hansen

    Talking to Fahey and heard guys talking on the phone, she heard him say "he was about to get a lot of money".
  • Mrs.Murphy

    Said Mr.Rickertsen was acting weird that day. He was talking about how he lost some checks for basketball.
  • Burns

    A man ran out in black sweatshirt, then recieved calls that SUV was trying to get out of parkinf lot quickly. Also Trpkosh's bag was thrown in garbage can and returned to her by a custodian.
  • Hills

    3:40 someone in hooded sweatshirt walked by her room.
  • Trosky

    Someone came into locker room before 8th hour.
  • Anderson

    Had to be someone who ate lunch with Trpkosh because she kept talking about home much money was in her purse.
  • Z

    1 Tells that Hills, Rydstrom & Rickertsen are usually last teachers here. Also Rickertsen had told him he didnt have the bball money that he needed turned in, but then gave him the money on Monday morning.
  • Rydstrom

    2 He left around 3:30 to clear lake, didnt have time to go to bank b/c of Trpkosh. He feels bad that he didn't prtect Trpkosh
  • Rickertsen

    4 Didn't have bball money but had it by the end of the day. He needed around $400 dollars.
  • Trpkosh

    3 Her purse was returned to her but still missing was a braclet, the money and her insurance card.
  • Bennett

    5 Mr.Ricketsen was in her room till 3:20 and they were talking about summer planes, he had mentioned a basketball camp he was running over the summer.
  • Get a Search Warent

    Get a Search Warent
    6 We presented the judge with our probable cause to get a search warrent for Mr.Rickertsen's room.
  • Search Rickertsens room

    Search Rickertsens room
    7 We got a search warrent for Mr. Rickertsens room. We went in and found a black sweatshirt, a baseball cap, the braclet, Trpkosh's insurance card and a reciept with Trpkosh's name on it.
  • Convict Rickertsen of Robbing Mrs.Trpkosh

    Convict Rickertsen of Robbing Mrs.Trpkosh
    8 After searching his room and finding all the evidence that was missing from Mrs.Trpkosh's purse we were able to convict Mr.Rickersen of robbery.