Mrs. Reed's Life

  • Birthday

    Jennifer Amy Rothman was born in the middle of the night. Her family was so excited she was a beautiful, baby girl
  • First day of School

    A very excited girl went to her first day of Kindergarten. She loved school very much.
  • Graduation

    Jennifer graduated high school and was off to college. She was looking forward to all the adventures and learning to come.
  • Became a Teacher

    Ms. Rothman finally is done college and has become a teacher. She welcomed her first class, second graders at John F. Kennedy Elementary School.
  • Here Comes Mrs. Reed

    Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Reed. David and Jennifer were married!!!
  • July 31, 2000

    Mr. and Mrs. Reed bought their first house. They moved to Marietta, Ga and the adventure began.