Mr. Guido history timeline

  • Soviet/German Nonagression Pact

    Soviet/German Nonagression Pact
    Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, signed a ten year act. Stalin was excluded from the Munich conference. Hitler had promised Stalin land. They also deicieded to divide Poland between one another. this was significant because this was the start of hitler gaining land.
  • Germany Strikes Fast

    Germany Strikes Fast
    Hitler attacked Poland by surprise. German tanks were used moved across the border. At the same time German planes and artillery had began bombings. This is significant because France and Great Britian declared war.
  • France and Great Britian Declare War

    France and Great Britian Declare War
    After Germany's surprise attack on Poland, France and Britiian had declared war. It took a while to get a military response. Hitler with victory over Poland, had annexed the western half of Poland. Tension is growing deep in Central-Europe.
  • Stalin's Move

    Stalin's Move
    Stalin sent troups to Poland. Which hitler promised him land. He gained the eastern half. This was part of the Nonaggression act.
  • Hitler strikes again

    Hitler strikes again
    Hitler surprised Denmark and Normay. He invaded their country. After only four hours Denmark fell. And Norway followed with surrendering at 2 months. Germany started to build bases on the coast of each country. So they can attack Britian.
  • Hitler's dramatic sweep

    Hitler's dramatic sweep
    Hitler began a dramatic sweep throught the netherlands, belgium, and luxembourg. France was losing power, while hitler was gaining a lot of it. france was falling.
  • End of May

    End of May
    German troops traped the French coast which led to them retreating from Lille to Dunkirk. This even made the german's more powerful.
  • Battle of Britian

    Battle of Britian
    This took place in the summer of 1940. Winston Churchill was britians prime minister and he said to never surrender. Hitler started to attack britians airforce bases and factories. And then he moved on to their cities. Eventually Hitler moved on becasue Winston never gave up, This showed them hope, that they can block germany.
  • Frend leaders surrender

    Frend leaders surrender
    Germans had invaded France and the french leaders had surrenderd. Germany took the northern part of the country. Germany is conquering a lot of the central europe and try to keep pushing.
  • North Africa

    North Africa
    One of germany's first objective. Mainly becasue he was partner's with Mussolini. Mussolini knew he needed to take action, because of Hitler's advancement in france and the Battle of Britian. Mussolini ordered his troops to attack british troops in Eygpt. They had advanced 60 miles in and forcing there troops back. Both sides were dug in waiting.
  • Atlantic Charter

    Atlantic Charter
    Hitler ordered that American Cargo ships to be sunk by german submarines. America never entered the war, but this was something that could have caused them to. Roosevelt and Churchill met secretly and issued a joint declaration called the Atlantic Charter. It upheld free trade with nations and gave people the right to pick there own goverment. This is significant because this can help them beat hitler. If they have more allies.
  • Russia Holds there ground

    Russia Holds there ground
    Germany tries to turn tables and attack Russia. At first they did good they advanced into Russia 500 miles. But russia never gave up, even hough they were at a disadvantage they stilll won. They wernt ready but they won. December came, with the harsh cold weather russia moved forword and beat germany. The cold weather killed many germans. This is significant because Russia showed them that they are stronger than germany and put them down.
  • America Joins

    A Geramn U-boat fired at U.S destroyer in the Atlantic. So Roosevelt ordered his commanders to attack any German submarines on sight. This was just the start of the American invlovlement in the war. But the real cause they stepped in was because of Japan not Germany.
  • Britian Strikes back

    Britian Strikes back
    In December, the british struck back. By Feburary 1941, the british had swept 5oo miles across North Africaand had taken 130,000 Italian prisoners. Htiler sent a tank force to get Africa back. He sent Erwin Rommel, nick named the desert fox. They attacked and british retreated then british came back and turned the battle. But Rommel was to powerful and took the win. This is significant becasue more and more companies are getting shut down to hitler and his allies.
  • Surprise attack on Pearl Harbor

    This is the main reason that America entered the war. Japan ran a attack on pearl harbor and caused many casulaties. This occured in the morning. This was really a big part of the war because americ then enters. Helping their allies and trying to defeat Germany and Japan.