Mr Gale's Treendale PS Adventure

By mgale1
  • Mr Gale's First Day At Treendale Primary

    Mr Gale Arrives at Treendale Primary for his first day in the Year 5/6 class taught by Ms Archibald.
  • Mr Gale Teaches His First Lesson

    Mr Gale's teaches a small group of students about compound sentences Mr Gale is still learning a lot about the school and the students he will spend the next three weeks with.
  • Mr Gale Attends The Sports Carnival

    Mr Gale attends Treendale Primary's sports carnival. Where he proudly supports the Tanzanite faction. Unfortunately they finish fourth, with Amber faction taking home the win.
  • Mr Gale Joins The Year 5/6 Classes On Camp To Pt Peron

    Mr Gale is very excited about camp. He is eager to do some of the activities, such as rock-climbing and play spotto at night.
  • Mr Gale Returns From Camp

    A very tired Mr Gale is happy to be returning home to his own bed.
  • Mr Gale Teaches A Lesson

    Mr Gale shows the year 5/6 class how to make a timeline
  • Mr Gale's Last Day At Treendale PS