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  • The first mp3 player

    The first mp3 player
    In 1998 Elger Labs introduced the $250 MPMAN F10, a MP3 player with only 32MB of memory.
  • The jukebox

    The jukebox
    The jukebox had 4.8GB of storage, it also had a laptop hard drive. The jukebox was large and heavy and the cost of one was $799.
  • The $2000 MP3 Player

    The $2000 MP3 Player
    Sony introduced a Mp3 player. This device could play audio files and the cost was $2000. Some people said it was too expensive maybe thats why not alot of people bought them.
  • The iomega hip zip

    This Mp3 player used magnetic disk storage which the disk were selling for $10 each. The hip zip was sold at a price of $299.
  • The ipod

    The ipod
    This ipod had a 5gb hard drive and it was sold for $400
  • color screens are introduced to the mp3 player

    color screens are introduced to the mp3 player
    These Mp3 players run on windows mobile and had 40gb of storage.
  • The screens of mp3 players go away

    The screens of mp3 players go away
    Well these Mp3 players look like hard-drives. These mp3 players were small and cheap for one of these small mp3 plsayer the cost was $149
  • touch screen players

    touch screen players
    These mp3 players were priced at $400m and they were the first of there kind.
  • Images on mp3 players.

    Images on mp3 players.
    They wanted to change size and features. This mp3 player sold for $400
  • experimenting with the mp3 player

    experimenting with the mp3 player
    these two mp3 players had things speacial about them one on the left side had audio playback, and the one on the right was the smallest players at the time and it could last 40 hours without a charge.