MP, Safe Haven By Nicholas Sparks, Fiction, 343

  • Chapters 1-5, Pages 1-41

    A girl named Katie moves to Southport in a little cabin to escape her past. She's broke and is hiding from someone. She puts money away incase she needs to run away again. Alex (the other main character) lost his wife a year ago and notices Katie is a regular customer to his store and notices how pretty but thin she is. A lady named Jo moves in next door to Katie and is a greif counselor for Alex. She is trying to get Katie to tell her why she moved to this small town. 536
  • Chapters 5-9, Pages 41-76

    Jo thinks that Katie is into Alex but Katie won't admit it, but Alex is into her especially because she is so good with his kids Kristen and Josh. Alex is finally starting to stop mourning his dead wife Carly and thinks its okay to move on. He gives Katie many free things including a bike since Katie can't drive. We find out Katie ran away because her husband abused her and threatened to kill her. Katie goes to the beach with Alex, Josh, and Kristen. 571
  • Chapters 9-18, Pages 76-139

    At the beach Katie starts to open up a little to Alex and they start to get closer. A couple days later he takes the kids to the resturant she works at and she thinks he might ask her out. The next day he does and he comes over for their dinner date. Katie tells him about her past and how she's technically still married because she ran from him and he still looks for her. She doesn't want to have to leave him to run away. 634
  • Chapters 18-25, Pages 139-202

    Katie isn't sure if she wants the relationship with Alex and her friend Jo tells her if she doesn't she needs to get out now before she hurts him. Flashbacks to Katie's past come up in the chapters about how she ran away, dyed her hair, and cut it. Some chapters are of Kevin still searching for her and Katie knows this because he's obssessive and a detective. It makes Alex made that he would hurt her like that. She is slowly loosening up and her and Alex are getting stronger. 697
  • Chapters 25-33, Pages 202-257

    Kevin is still searching for Katie. Alex thinks about giving Katie the note that Carly wrote for Alex's new wife before she died to Katie. The neighbor accross the street from Kevin's house dies and the daughter reveals that Katie had looked like her younger sister, Katie who died a couple years before. Kevin searches their house and figures out Katie is the name that his wife Erin (Katie is using), he is trying to find her and is suspended from the Police force for being psycho. 752
  • Chapters 40-43, Pages 296-343

    Kevin finally finds Katie at Alex's house but Alex isn't home to save them so when Kevin lights the house on fire Katie gets the kids out and Kevin tries to hurt her so the kids run away while she fights him. Alex gets back in time to help Katie and she kills Kevin after he gives Alex a concussion. Alex gives her the letter from Carly and Katie realizes she is going to marry Alex one day and that her friend Jo was Carly's spirit. 838
  • Chapter 33-40, Pages 257-296

    Kevin is on the way to find Katie and he's thinking about how he's going to hurt her when he finds her. Katie has no idea whats coming for her, he knows where she works and lives. The day Kevin gets into town Katie, Alex, and the kids are at the carnaval and Kevin looks for her there he finally sees her and tries to follow them on the way home to Alex's house but he loses them, he waits at Katie's house thinking she'll be home soon but then searches for her around town again. 791