Movements 1954-1975

  • NAACP was formed

    NAACP was formed
    Created by W.E.B. Du Bois
  • CORE was founded

  • integrration of MLB by Jackie Robinson

  • Desegration of armed forces

  • Brown v. Board

    seperate schools for African Americans and whites are against the constitution
  • Counterculture began

    thousands abandoned schools, jobs, and traditional home life
  • sit ins began

    Adrican Americans would stay in pubic places for a long time
  • Hispanic strikes

    farmworkers went on strike in Delando, California
  • N.O.W was formed

    Fought for women rights
  • Crusade for Justice was formed

  • Summer of Love

    Hippies professed peace, love and harmony even with the Vietnam war going on and racism and sexism.
  • Music Festival

    400,000 people attended in New York
  • Roe v. Wade