Mother Teresas progress into Leadership

  • Mother Teresa becomes a nun

    In 1928 Mother Teresa, originally known as Agnes Bojaxhiu was 18 years old and she decided to become a nun. She went off to Ireland and joined the Loreto sisters in Dublin.
  • First Profession of Vows

    In 1931, Mother Teresa made her first profession of vows.
  • Sent to Calcutta

    Mother Teresa was sent to Calcutta, where she taught girls from a school named Saint Mary's High School for Girls, it was run by the Loreto sisters in which she belonged when she lived in Dublin. She dedicated herself to teach the poorest parts of Bengali.
  • Final Profession of Vows

    In 1937, Mother Teresa made her final profession of vows to a life of poverty and obedience. She later on took the title of Mother. She established centers for the blind, the old, and people with disabilities. All her life she dedicated to the sick and the poor.
  • Principial of Saint Mary's

    In 1944, Mother Teresa became principal of Saint Mary's and became por involved witht he girls of the school to cure poverty through education.
  • Summoned to Rome

    In 1968, Mother Teresa was summoned to Rome because of her good and noble acts in which she did unconditionally. She never expected anything in return.
  • Nobel Peace Prize

    In 1979, Mother Teresa won the Nobel peace prize because of all her humanitarian work during her whole life, ever since her first profession of vows.