Mother teresa smiling

Mother Teresa

By lanel
  • Born

    Mother Teresa was born on August 27 1910 in Yugoslavia. She was born as Anges Gonxha Bojaxhiu. She was born to Nikola and Dranafile Bojaxhiu. She had one sister named Aga and a brother named Lazer, she was the younungest. Everyone in her family were very religious. She went to school at Insitute of the Blessed Virgin Mary. When she was little she wanted to be like Jesus.
  • Dad Died

    Mother Teresa's dad died when she was only eight years old. After her dad died she became very close to her mother.
    Only the year is known of her farther's death, the day and the month is unknown.
  • Missonary

    When Mother Teresa was 12 years old she decided to become a missonary. She would have to travel to foregin places to tell people God's love. Mother Teresa thought that it was not enough to tell people about God's love, so she wanted to love others to show it. Soon she heard about the Loreto nuns who helped people in India, she wanted to be one.
    The actual date is unknown only the year is known.
  • Leaves for Ireland

    Mother Teresa loved her family a lot so she only left when she was 18. When she finally left to India, she had to go to Ireland first, for training and to learn English. Mother Teresa left Ireland afther one year of training. Then in India she had to do more training in North India.
    The actual date of this event in not known only the year is known.
  • Saint Mary High School

    Saint Mary High School
    Mother teresa started to teach at Saint Mary High School in 1929. Saint Mary High School was runned by the Loreto nuns. Her final steps to become a nun were to take her final vows.
    They were:
    - To love God with all her heart
    - To live a simple live
    - To obey God
    When she became a nun she changed her name to Teresa which meant "the little one." She worked there for 17 years then she realized outside of the school walls people suffered out on the streets.The actaul date of this event is unknown
  • Starts to Work on the Streets

    The Catholic Church let Mother Teresa work on the streets in 1948, but before she could actually start working on the streets she had to do training at Panta Holy Family Hospital for three months. She became a citizen of India that year. The actual date of this event is unknown.
  • Starts a School

    Starts a School
    In between 1948 and 1950 Mother Teresa strated a school. It was a mud hut. She didn't have any tables, no chairs, no blackboard and no chalk and the children still came. She taught them the alphabet by drawing letters in the mud. She taught them how to wash and comb their hair. She taught them how to pray and hold them God loved them.
  • Peace Prize

    In 1971 Mother Teresa won a Peace Prize. Not much is unknown, only that she received it. The actual date of this event is unknown.
  • India's Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding

    In 1972 Mother Teresa received India's Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding. The only thing known of this event is that she receicved it. The actual date of this event is unknown.
  • Noble Peace Prize

    Noble Peace Prize
    In 1979 Mother Teresa recieved the Noble Peace Prize. She had to go to Norway to receive it. She got $193,000 and she said that money would go the poor. The people of Norway decided to give her a prize of their own they called it the "people peace prize." She gave a short speech it went like this "In the name of the hunrgy, of the homeless, of the cripple, the throways of society. In their name I accept this award."
  • Honorary U.S. Citizenship

    In 1996 Mother Teresa got a Honorary U.S. Citizenship. The only thing known of this event is the year the rest is unknown.
  • She died

    She died
    Sadly in 1997 Mother Teresa died surrounded by beloved nuns. One week after her death India gave her a state funeral. They put her body on a carriage with Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru and they praded throught the streets. Thousands and thousands of people were on the streets to see her.
  • Beatified

    Pope John II beatified Mother Teresa in 2003. When you get beatified you take an important step into becoming a saint. Only the year is known of this event.