Moses & Jacqui - Timeline

  • Period: to


  • Moses & Jacqui get married

  • PCS to Cannon AFB in Clovis NM

  • Jacqui goes to work in accounting for Allsups.

  • Moses gets out of the USAF.

  • Moses & Jacqui move to Euless, Texas

  • Moses takes a job as an assistant manager at Discount Tire Co.

  • Jacqui begins work at an employment agency.

  • Moses gets Aiframe & Powerplant license.

  • Jacqui takes a job at The Associates as an executive secretary.

  • Moses takes a job with Intex Aviation as a mechanic.

  • Moses & Jacqui move to Justin, Texas

  • Moses gets hired at American Airlines as a mechanic.

  • First son is born - Matthew.

  • Jacqui leaves work at The Associates.

  • Moses gets laid off at American Airlines.

  • Moses begins learning computer programming and repair.

  • Jacqui takes a partime job at WalMart.

  • Moses takes a partime graphic design job from home.

    I got to play Mr. Mom for awhile.
  • Second son is born - Devin.

  • Jacqui goes back to work at The Associates.

  • Moses goes back to work at American Airlines.

  • Moses & Jacqui move to Watauga, Texas

  • Jacqui leaves The Associates - back to a fulltime Mom.

    Back to fulltime Mom status.
  • Moses begins helping Union representing mechanics at AA.

    Transport Workers Union.
  • Moses begins developing apps for AA and Union.

  • Daughter is born - Kaity.

  • Moses starts working for the Union at AA fulltime.

  • Moses & Jacqui move to Keller, Texas

  • Matthew graduates high school and goes to UNT.

  • Jacqui begins work at Spine Team Texas.