morrison dallahan

By missb
  • fort sumter

    the cionfederate attack on fort sumter marked the begining of the civil war
  • battle of bullrun

    the union went to capture richmond biut they were stopped by the confederates
  • Period: to

    civil war

  • battle of glorieta pass

    Sibley lost supplies and retreated with his army
  • battle of shiloh

    Ulysses S. Grant was granted the upper hand to win a close battle
  • union blockade

    union ships blocked off the ports of texas
  • battle of antietem

    it was a very important union victory
  • battle of galveston

    confederate forces drove union units out of the city of galveston TX
  • emancipation proclomation

    made have slave illegal in all the union states
  • battle of gettysburg

    union forces suffered heavy losses and were had to retreat
  • battle of vicksburg

    the six week war began supported by the fleets of iron clad the confederates had trouble getting supplies and split in two
  • battle of sabine pass

    this victory helped restore confederate confidence
  • red river campaign

    the union sent 27,000 soldiers moved up the river
  • lee's surrender

    lee surrenderd his confederate to gen.
  • battle of palmito ranch

    the last major war of the civil war the confederates won but they had already surrendered to the union states