moon sister

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    Pa salts death

    When Tiggy's adoptive father died she received the clues she needed to fine her biological family, but she needed to go away for a while so she took a job in a privet estate called Kinnaird in Scotland
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    The job Tiggy took at Kinnaird is very important for the rest of the story, because it's here where she finds out who she really is
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    Charlie Kinnaird

    Charlie is the owner of the estate and her employer, he plays a big role in Tiggy's development through the story
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    Chilly is an old man who lives in the estate and introduces Tiggy to her family history, background, and purpose.
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    Zed is an guest at the estate, he has an predatory behavior towards Tiggy, and conducts sexual harassment towards her. He also plays a big role in her development.
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    The white stag

    Throughout her time in Kinnaird she creates a bond with an rare white stag, which she protects from the hunters
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    Tiggy gets shot one night when she is looking out for the white stag
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    Hospital escape

    At the hospital, Tiggy decides to run away to the place both the letter from Pa Salt and Chilly had told she was from. Sacromonte, Granda Spain
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    Tiggy had learned that she came from a gitano family in Spain, here she meets her mothers cuisine who is an bruja just like her
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    Angelina is the bruja of the city, she can see the future and make natural medicines. She tells the rest of the story that chilly couldn't tell, and teaches Tiggy how to control her powers
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    Tiggy's grandmother was a famous flamenco dancer, and she felt so good when she attended at the fiesta that Angelina had arranged for her arrival.
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    Heart problem

    When Tiggy got injured, it was Charlie that took care of at the hospital. He found out that she had an serious heart problem, and when she escaped from the hospital he was so worried that once he found out where she was, he flew after her to Spain to bring her home. But he didn't know that Angelina had treated her in secret.
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    Charlie convinced Tiggy to go home to Atlantis to recover and get some rest. She stayed there for 4 weeks and finally got the time to rethink and process all that had happen to her the past few months
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    When Ulrika (Charlie's wife) fianlly wanted to get divorced with Charlie, Tiggy and Charlie could be together. Tiggy also decided to move back up to Kinnaird and start working as an vet so she could use her powers at the same time as doing what she loved and being close to the people she loved.