moon by chaim potok

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  • the 1st event

    moon asks his parents for a recording studio
  • the 2nd event

    moon finds out that a boy from pakistan is staying at his house for a night and isnt to happy
  • the 3rd event

    moon meets the boy named ashraf and he comes to his school to speak about why he is in the usa
  • the 4th event

    moon plays the drums and desides that night he want to play them but evey one is asleep
  • the 5th event

    moon wakes ashraf and then ashraf has questions for moon like personality wise and why he does surtten things
  • the 6th event

    moon and ashraf start to understand each onthers point of view and moon lets him play his bongos
  • the 7th event

    moon rercords ashraf on a tape recorder that moon later needs
  • the 8th event

    the next day ashraf goes back to pakistan
  • the 9th event

    someone in pakistan was mad and decided to run ashraf over with a truck and he later died
  • the 10th event and the last one

    due to ashraf dying the was a cerimony at moons school so he used the tape of ashraf playing the bongos as backround music there