Month 1

Timeline created by Juan.Stultz
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    Month 1

    Size: At two weeks, the size of a pinhead
    Egg attaches to the lining of the uterus
    The critical stage for brain and spinal cord development
    Internal organs and the circulatory system being to form
    The heart begins to beat
  • 2

    Month 2

    Size: About 1/4 inch long as the month begins
    Face, eyes, ears, and limbs take shape
    Bones begin to form
  • 3

    Month 3

    Size: About 1 inch long as the month begins
    Nostrils, mouth, lips, and eyelids form
    Buds for all 20 baby teeth appear
    Fingers and toes almost complete
    All organs present but still immature
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    Month 4

    Size: About 3 inches long, weighs 1 ounce as the month begins
    Can suck its' thumbs, swallow, hiccup, and move around
    Facial features become clearer
  • 5

    Month 5

    Size: Abot 6 1/2-7 inches long, weighs about 4-5 ounces as the month begins
    Hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows appear
    Teeth continue to develop
    Organs are maturing
    Becomes more active
  • 6

    Month 6

    Size: About 8-10 inches long, weighs about 8-12 ounces as the month begins
    Fat deposits under the skin, but fetus appears wrinkled
    Breathing movements begin
  • 7

    Month 7

    Size: About 10-12 inches long, weighs about 1 1/2-2 Lbs as the month begins
    Have periods of activity followed by periods of rest and quiet
  • 8

    Month 8

    Size About 14-16 inches long, weighs about 2 1/2-3 Lbs as the month begins
    Rapid weight gain continues
    May react to loud noises with a relax jerking action
    Moves into a head-down position
  • 9

    Month 9

    Size: About 17-18 inches long, weighs 5-6 Lbs as the month begins
    Weight gain continues
    Skin becomes smooth as fat deposits continue
    Movement decrease as the fetus has less room to move around
    Acquires disease-fighting antibodies from the mother's blood
    Descends into the pelvis, ready for birth