Moniques reading log

By misrm7
  • I Am Not Esther

    I Am Not Esther
    This book is about when Kirby's mum abandon's Kirby with her uncle and his family.every thing changes. there is no T.V ,radio,phones, mirrors or newspapers. she must behave in a "godly" fashion.Even her name is changed to Esther.
    this is a really good book.
  • Devious book for cats

    This book is a guideline for all cats .Its about how cats used to live (before domestication) and how they livenow.
    This book is really good.
  • Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian

    Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian
    This book is about when Percy Jackson and 40 other Demi-Gods have to fight the evil Titan Lord Kronos.
    This book is the 5 book in the Percy Jackson series.
    This is a really great book and think other people should enjoy it too.
  • Last kiss of the Butterfly

    Last kiss of the Butterfly
    This book is about when Jaz leaves the city with her mum and dad to go to the marshes for the summer holidays.Jaz has to cope with her mum getting cancer (agian)
    This is a great and sad book.
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    books i have read this year

  • Knife

    This book is about a faery called Bryony.Bryony has always wished to leave the oak and one day she does.
    This book is one of my favourites and I think other people will enjoy it too.
  • The silver sword

    The silver sword
    This is a book about world war 2 when the germans took over poland. The night the nazis took their mother away 3 children make their way from poland to switzerland in search of thier mother and long lost father. 5/5
  • Poetry Pudding

    This book is filled with lots of funny poems.
  • Just shocking

    Just shocking
    This book is full of 7 shocking stories including 101 dangerous things, the story of the exploding butterflies and how to have fun with a monster trucks. This book is funny and is enjoyed by all ages.4\5
  • Dastardly book for dogs

    This book is for all dogs and for the millions of people love them.
    This book is about how dogs used to live and how they live now.
  • Chinese Cinderella

    Chinese Cinderella
    This book is about a young chinese Adeline Yen Mah.When Adeline was born her mother died. Since she caused the death of her mother her other 5 siblings hate her. When her father remarries they have another 2 children. The little girl is bullied by not only her siblings but by her new stepmother as well.4/5
  • HEROES OF OLYMPUS the lost hero

    HEROES OF OLYMPUS the lost hero
    This book is about 3 demigods named Leo, Piper and Jason.
    Jason has lost all of his memories. Togther the go on a quest to save the queen of the greek gods, Hera (who has stollen Jasons memories)
  • The Ghost Sitter

    The Ghost Sitter
    This book is about a ghost named susie.
    Susie died when playing with firecrackers.When Gloria (susies 5 year old sister) make susies ghost promise to never leave susie can never leave the property.
    50 years later a girl moves into susies old house and helps susie find her way to heaven.
  • If I could fly

    If I could fly
    This book is about a 13 year old girl named Calypso Summer. She has to run away but she can't remember why. She only knows her thigh really hurts and that she can not go back home. Then one day a boy named Alfie shows up...
    written by Jill Huckelsby
  • Let Me Whisper You My Story

    Let Me Whisper You My Story
    This book is about a Jewish girl named Rachel.
    Rachel was living in Germany with her parents and sister,Miri, during the outbreak of world war 2.Rachel was seperated from her family and was hiden by a kind german family.
    Will rachel find her family?
  • The Oracle

    The Oracle
    This book is about a young boy called Nikko and his sister Thetis.
    When they are taken away to a kingdom called mycenae they must peform to the high king to survive but when Thetis tells the king something he doesnt want to hear she gets sent away. Nikko and a horse dancer must find her before it is to late...
    This is a really gook if you are into suspense, action and ancient greece.
  • The Ruby Tailsman

    The Ruby Tailsman
    This book is about a girl named Tilly. when Tily wears a ruby necklace that belonged to her ancestress, Amelie-Mathillde. That night Tilly fell asleep wearing the ruby necklace. When Tilly woke up she was in 1789 france,sleeping next to Amelie-Mathilde. Together ,along with Amelies cousin Henri, they must escape the murdourous french revoulution.
    This book is one of my favourites.
  • The Thornthwaite Inheritance

    The Thornthwaite Inheritance
    Orphan twins Lorilli and Ovid live with their late parents servants alone in a masive mansion named the thornthwaite manor. Without anything to do (they have no electricity) the twins try to kill each other for the others inheritence. But after they find out the truth about their parents death everything changes...
  • Secret Assault

    Secret Assault
    This book is about Trooper Jerry Rudd and his SAS squadron. Together they must take over the Falkland islands. Will they succeed...
    This book is very good, if you are into war and action.
  • The Sight- Premonitions

    The Sight- Premonitions
    This book is about a 15 year old girl called Gracie. Gracie gets visions about the past, present and future. When Gracie's friend, Emily goes missing, Gracie must use her visions to track her down.
    This is a really good book.
  • The sight- Disapearences

    The sight- Disapearences
    When Gracies long lost dad shows up around the same time as a dead body is discovered Gracie doesnt know what to think. As Gracie starts to try and solve the case of the body she uncovers some dirty secrets about her dad...
    This is a really good suspense book. 5/5
  • Samphire Song

    Samphire Song
    When Jodie gets her first horse it is a dream come true for her. But when her mum loses her job and her younger brother gets a kidney disease she must sell samphire. Will she ever see her beloved horse again.
    This is a really good book for horse lovers. 4/5
  • The Ivory Rose

    The Ivory Rose
    When Jemma gets her first job baby sitting young sam she finds a ivory rose and as she touches it she gets a vision of a young girl being murdered, as she tries to run away she falls down the stairs and gets concused. She travels back in time to the year the girl was murdered. She soon releases that she must save the girl.
    This is a really good book and was writen by one of my favourite authors. 5/5
  • Wings

    When Laurel starts to get a big bumb on her back she just thinks its a average zit but when massive wing like petals start to to sprout from it she starts to panic. One day while woundering through the forest behind her house she meets a bboy the same age as her. He tells her she is a fairy...
    This is a really awesome book. 5/5
  • Spells

    This is the Second book in the wings series. When Laurel goes to avalon for the summer so she can practice her magic the trolls start to get wrestless. who will be in danger this time...
    This is my favourite book.
  • I Am Number Four

    I Am Number Four
    This book is about a boy named John Smith. John isn't an average boy, he is one of the only 6 garde survivors from the planet Lorien. He is hunted by an evil race of aliens, who detroyed their planet. He must first develop his legacies then find the others so they can return to thier home planet. The first three are dead, He knows he is next, He is number four.
    This an amazing book filled with action. 5/5
  • Whale Pot Bay

    Whale Pot Bay
    This book is about a boy named Jake. Jake lives in in a remote place in Wairarapa with his dad. When his dad invites a women to come and stay with them without consulting Jake first Jake is furious. To make things worse the lady, Vicky, has an 11 year old daughter, Stephanie. When a whale ends up stranded in the beach of whale pot bay Jake and Stephanie along with superstar Milton summer they must try to save her before it is to late...
    This is a great New Zealand based book. 4/5
  • Illusions

    This is the third book in the wings series. When Tamani joins Laurel and Davids school tension starts to rise between the two boys. But the two boys fighting isnt the only thing Laurel has to worry about, the new exchange student, Yuki, turns out to be a fairy and Laurel must find out if she is a threat or not. This book belongs to my favourite series. 5/5
  • The Power Of Six

    The Power Of Six
    This is the second book in the I am Number Four series. when a strange teenager, John Smith, appears on the news the world thinks of him as a mystery but to Marina he is one of them. Marina is one of the six remaining garde from the planet Lorien and she must find Jonh and the others before it is to late.
    This is a great book full of action. 5/5
  • Tomorrow, When The War Began

    Tomorrow, When The War Began
    When 7 Australian teenagers go camping in the middle of the summer holidays it is just like any other camping trip. When the trip comes to an end and they start to head home the find their home town empty and quiet. They soon relalise that their tiny town has now become over-run by foriegners. Together they must find a way to survive the war.
    This is a really good book full of suspense and action. 5/5
  • The Considine Curse

    The Considine Curse
    Mariel has grown up with only her mother all her life and had never known that she came from a huge family. When Mariel's grandma (who she has never meet) dies Mariel and her mother go to England for the funeral. Mariel soon discovers that she has 7 cousins. The cousins are strange and Mariel must uncover the family secret.
    This is a good book full of suspense. 4/5
  • The third day the frost

  • dghty

  • illusions