Monhamed Bouazizi

  • Monhamed Bouazizi

    When police seize his cart.He sets fire to himself and later dies.
  • 21 die

    21 dided in a suspected al-Qaida sucide bombing outside a copic church in Alexandria.
  • Police Respond

    Police respond with teargas to demonstrator throwing stons and setting up barricade in algiers.
  • The Libyan Leader

    The Libyan leader muammer Gaddafi makes a televised address pained at events across the border.
  • Tunisian President

    Tunisian president finally bows to protests and flee to saudi arabia by the way of malta.
  • Federal Council

    Switzerland's federal council agrees to freeze any assests of tunisia's ousted president.
  • Nicolas Admited

    Nicolas admited that he underestimated the protest movement that ousted president ben ali
  • Security Forces

    Security force use tear gas and beating,hundreds are arrested including foreign journalists
  • Mohamed ElBaradel

    Monhamed ElBaradel urges Murak to step down and calls for talks on a new government with the army.
  • 18 Days Mass Of Protest

    After 18 days of mass protest,Egyts vice-president,Omar Suleiman finally announce that president hosni mubark is standing down and handing power to the military.
  • Two Libyan

    Two libyan air force pilots flee to malta after being ordered to bomb civilans.
  • Tripoli Conference

    tripoil press confrence the national transitional council say its cabinet will be moving from Benghazi to the capital