Moms history

  • Year she was born

    Vietnam war begin father enrolled.
  • Martin Luther king jr

    Member dad getting out from work early. I also lived in tennese the south was riled up.
  • Seasame street

    Member watching seasame street all the time.
  • Beatles break up

    Mom always listend to beatles.
  • VCR invented

    Watched first ever movie on VCR.
  • T.V. show mash.

    With dad she watched mash all the time on T.V.
  • Abortion Legalized

    Her mom was a nurse and didnt mind the legalization of law but would never fo it.
  • Patti Hearst Kidnapped

    Her mom would not let her leave the house thougth she was going to get kidknapped.
  • Artuher Ashe win wimbledon

    Mom and dad were tennis fans.
  • Bicential was celebrated

    remeber celebrating with neighbors the 200 year anniversie of our country.
  • Elivis died

    Livied in tennessee and was a sad day for the state.
  • John Paul 2 became pope

    Remeber this happening because they were catholic.
  • Sony introduces walkman

    Remebers getting a walkman and listening to music.
  • Pac-man video game released

    My moms all time favorite game remebers playing her brother all the time.
  • Royal wedding on national T.V.

    Remebers watching with her mom.
  • Jonnie gosch Kidnapped

    Mom wasnt allowed to go places because of this event.
  • Cabbage patch dolls released

    Remebers getting one from her mom even though she was in high school.
  • Micheal jackson burned in pepsi commercial

    Mom was a huge micheal jackson fan and remebrs this.
  • Moonlighting show

    Was my mom favorite show.
  • Peace year began

    Remebers seeing hippies and other wierd people.
  • New York stock exchange has huge drop.

    Remebers this because her uncle lonnie had his own business.
  • Nuclear bomb testing in neveda

    Remebers this because dad was in the service.
  • Berlin wall falls

    Still had family leaveing in germany and this was a huge event in there live.
  • Nelson mandela freed

    She watched this happen.
  • Collapse lf the soviet union

    Was a happy day cause no more nuclear scares or drills for schools.
  • End of cold war.

    Remebers dad talking about cold war ending and no more nukes made.
  • Internet grows

    Remebers Getting her first computer.
  • O.J. simpson trial

    Watched the O.J. simpson trial all the time on T.V.
  • Okalhoma city bombing.

    Had family In tulsa and scarred them.
  • Princess diana dies in car crash

    Kept people magizne from this happening.
  • Titanic movie realeasd

    Went to see it 2 times in the theater.
  • Fear of Y2K bug

    Mom and dad stocked up on food and flashlights.
  • Kurt warner nfl mvp.

    Remeber this from him being a cedar rapids native.
  • Two terroist hijack planes and crash into world trade center.

    Was scared and picked up my kids from school.
  • Dave tomas wendys death

    was a big supporter of abdoption.
  • SARS virus

    Big scare bunches started wereing mask.
  • Final episode of friends.

    Watched with husband
  • Huricanne katrina

    Devistates millons moms favortie place to visit was new orelenas
  • Tennessee tornado outbreak

    New people in tennessee and grew up in tennessee
  • Virgina tech massacre

    Reminds me of iowa massacre
  • Cedar rapids flood

    Affect us by the fema shelter at the prairie high school.
  • All T.V. went to digital

    was without TV for a day or two had to get a converter box.
  • Gabrial giffords was shot.

    Was a political leader that my mom liked.
  • Royal wedding

    Wayched on TV reminds her of The one in the 90s