Molly PR Campaign

By Kamilah
  • Fourth of July Ad

  • Social Media

    Change social media usernames and passwords to the same things. Link all social media to each other. Begin uploading videos. Recover Facebook pictures and tend to all other social media needs.
  • Spa Seven (Date?)

  • Change/Edit Website

    Make changes to outlined in 05/30 meeting.
  • 21 Day/Book Log (Date?)

    Add recipes to book. Review lastest book draft. Update Howie on any new changes. Review final book review with Molly. Discuss and confirm printing options and costs. Send books to print.
  • QVC/On Demand

    Draft a plan of action for QVC and On Demand. What are we promoting? When do we want it to appear? How much time will this take and how much will it cost? Is this something that we want to definitely do? Do other things come before this task? What do we do to ensure that these outlets will attract customers to buy?
  • PROMO Video

    Molly loved the concept of the promo video. When would be the best time to shoot? When is the best time within PR Campaign to shoot? How much time will it take and how much will it cost? Etc.