Molly bm reading log 2013

  • Twilight

    This book is 432 pages. It is about a girl named Bella and a vampire named Edward falling in love. Bella is in danger from a vampire wants to kill her The worst part is when the vampire tricks Bella in to meeting him at a ballet studio but Edwards family protects her but she still got bitten so Edward sucks the vemom out. Once Bella is safe she gose to prom with Edward. At the end of the of the book they kiss.
  • New moon

    This book is 497 page. It is a great book because there is a lot of drama and suspence. It is about Edward moving away and Bella hanging with a werewolf named Jacob. My favourite part is when Bella stops Edward from exposing himself because he thinks she died.The worst part is when she rides a motorbike and bangs her head hard and makes it blead. One interesting part is when bella my have to choose between Jacob and Edward.
  • Eclipse

    This book is 559 pages. It is about the werewolves and vampres working together to kill an army of newborn vampiers. My favourite part is when Edward proposes and Bella says yes. The worst part is when Jacob is bitten trying to destroy one of the newborns. When the fightimg starts it's not to bad because vampires break like glass. In the end the heros win the fight.
  • Breaking dawn

    This book is 702 pages. Breaking Dawn is about Bella getting maried to Edward. One of my favourite parts was when Bella was bitten by Edward so she did not die from having a harf vampire baby.My worst part was finding out that they had to fight to keep their baby Reneezma alive. With all the drama there was a happy ending Renezma gets to live. One more thing Jacb and Bella were still friends once she turned into a vampire.
  • The hunger games

    The book was 454 pages. It is about these twelve districts who have to select a girl and boy from there district to compet ane in the hunger games. In district twelve girl is called and her sister Katniss volunteers insted of her.Peeta[who is the boy tribute] and Katniss are taken to the capital. My favourite part is when Katniss and Peeta win the games. The worst part is when Katnisses friend from district eleven is speared in the stamach and dies.It is a great book.
  • Catching fire

    This book is the seqeul to Hunger Games. Its about Katniss's life after the Hunger Games. She is forced to pretened to love someone. When the quarter quell comes round she has to go back to the arena. When she and Peeta have an interveiw he proposese and she says yes. She tries on some beautiful wedding dresses. It is 472 pages. There is lots of violence in this book.
  • Mokingjay

    This book is the final book in the Hunger Games seires. After Gale told Katniss that there district had been destroyed she moves under ground to district thirteen. She becomes the mokingjay the leader of the rebalion to destroy the capital. Katniss has to chose between Gale and Peeta. In the end she loves peeta for real. Her mom works at a hospital in district 4 and gale is in district 2. The book is 453. There is lots of violence and drama in this book too
  • The red piramid

    This book is 515 pages Its about a sister and brother named Sadie and Carte who are hosting Gods. They go on all sorts of adventures. My favourite part is when they defeat the God of Chaos Set. The worst part was when they find out that their father sacrificed himself to be the Lord of the Dead. In the end they start a school for magician and God training.
  • The throne of fire

    This book is 452 pages. It's the second book of the Kane Chronicles. My favorite part is when Bess the dwarf god jumps out of the car with speedos on and says boo at the baboon god and vulture godess. The worst part is the end when they dont stop the snake of chaos escaping. They rebirth Ra the sun god but he comes out as a child. I can't wait to read the last book.
  • The serpents shadow

    This book is 405 pages long. In this final adventure of Sadie and Carter. They mast stop the snake of chaos. Before the can destrroy him the must find a spell that will kill him forever. My favourite part is when they all find there destiny. The worst part is when they almost get killed. In the end Ra is reborn into an adult and goes to the heavens.
  • Diary of a wimpy kid

    This book is 217 pages. It's a funny book about a kid who starts Middle school and gets into a bit trouble. The weirdest person in the story is Fregley. My favourite part is when in the his brother Manny calls him bubby. For me the funniest part is when he and Rowley go tirck or treating. I cant wait to read the next book.
  • Diary of a wimpy kid Rodrick rules

    The book is 217 pages. It is the sequel to Diary of a Wimpy kid.Gregory ( the kid from the first book) is putting his summer behind him. His brother Rodrick read his diary and is going to tell all of Gregs friends. The funniest part is when he tries to get his diary of Rodrick and runs around the entire old persons home in his underpants.
  • Diary of a wimpy kid the last straw

    This book is 217 pages. It's the third book of the series. Greg father is sending him to a military academy. He must show his dad that he wont need to military school. My favourite part is Whe he staets a rumor that that the air freashenas were cameras is when he call's Manny ploppy and he crys in church.
  • Diary of a wimpy kid dog days

    It's 217 pages. This is the second to last book in the diary of a wimpy kid. Gregs summer takes unexpected turn. My favourite part is when he gets a dog that causes trouble. A realy funny part is when his mum starts a book club for him. I cant wait to read the final book
  • Diary of a wimpy kid the ugly truth

    It's 218 pages. This is the final book in the series diary of a wimpy kid. Greg and Rowley have a big fight. They bith are in a class for health. The coolest part is when his uncle Gry gets marryed to his third wife. The worst part is he has to wear headgear.
  • Heros of olympus lost hero

    this book is 555 pges long. Its all about three kids piper,jason and leo they go to camp haf blood. They are demigods half humman half god . The worse part is the end when they find out that one of there campers is in the roman god camp and jason was there instead.
  • Heros of oympus son of neptune

    This book is 513 pages. It's the secqual to heros of oympus lost hero. Percy the camper how went missing has lost his memory and is in the Roman demigod camp. He embarks on a quest to find his mermory. My favourite part is the end when he gets his mermory. I cant wait to read the mark of Athena the final book
  • Heroes of olmous mark of Athena

    This book is 584 pages. Annabeth, piper, leo, jason, percy jackson his friends Hazel and Frank go on a guest to close the dors of death. The worst part is when Annabeth
  • Harry potter and the philosopher's stone

    This book is 232 pages. My favourite part is when Harry sends a snake to bite his mean cousin Dudley before he found out he's a wizard. The worst part for me was when his parnets died he had to live with is mums sister and her family and they treat good part is Harry plays Quidditch a wizard sport snd he gets into the house team. The main part of the story is that Harry and his two best frineds Ron and Hermoniee find the stone.
  • Harry potter and the chamber of secrets

    This book is 251 pages. It's the second book in the harry potter seires. My favourite part was when Hrry and ron find the cahmber and saves Ginny(Rns little sister). The worst part is when Hrry gets stabed by the basliliks but phoenix heals Harry with its tears. The main part is when Harry deafets the baslilks
  • Harry Potter and the prisinor of ask

  • Harry potter and the goblet of fire

    this book is 636 pages. My favourite part is when harrys name is pulled put of the goblet of fire. The worst part is when volcermort is reborn. Voldermort murders a tri wizerd campion
  • Harry potter and the order of the Phoenix

    This book is 766 pages. The main part of the book is that voldermort is back but the magic ministry don't beleive it . My favourite part is when harry and and his friends fight voldermort but he gets away The worst part is near the end sirius black dies.
  • Harry potter and the half blood prince

    This book is 607 pages. It's Harrys sixth year at Hogwarts. Their is a new profeser in potions and Snape is the Defence of the dark Arts teacher. My favourite part is when they find out Draco Malfoy is a Death Eater because his father is a death eater to.The worst part is when Dumbledore is killed by Snape,Can't wait to read the final book .
  • Harry potter and the deathly hollows

    This book is 607 pages. It's when Harry,Ron and Hermione try to kill Voldemorts. The do this by finding six hrocrocses and desstroying them all. MY favourite part is when Harry kills Voldetrmort. The worst part is when Rons brother Georges twin brother Fred is killed helping defend hogwarts.
  • small steps

    This book is 257 pages. It's the book after holes. It's about three years after armpit left camp green lake. He going to school and has a job. He's also has a girl friend. Armpit is trying to keep out of trouble. It's hard to do when he's got so much on his sholder
  • Mediator Love You To Death

    It's 199 pages long. It's about a girl named Susannah Simon. She is a mediator a person how can see and talk to the dead she moves to califonia with her mom to live with her stepfather ans brothers. When she arives at her new house she find a ghost of a boy named Jessie in her room and he stays in her bedroom. when she get she meets her principal who is a mediator to a ghost named Heather who killed herself because of her boyfriend breaking up with her and tries to kill him. But suze stops her.
  • Mediator High Stakes

    This book is 200 pages. It' the sequel to the mediator book one. Suze gose out with this guy name Tad. ONe night she gets woken by a ghost how wants her to tell someone Red that they didn't kill her.It looks like it's Tads father but it's not. Then his uncle kidnapes her for knowing so much.In the end she stop him. At the end she find out Red is her yougest stepbrother and that the ghost was his mom. Then she tell him that he and his brothers did a good thing turning off support
  • Mediator Mean Spirits.

    This book is 218 pages. It's the thrid mediator book. Suze tryies ti save a boy from four ghost but then realised that he killed them by chrashing into the on perpose two time aand the second the went over the edge. The reason that he kiled them is at one of thier parties his sister nearly drown, is in a coma and he wanted revenge. He goes to prison and as soon as he dose his sister wakes up. In the end Suze starts to fall in love with Jessie
  • Mediator Young Blood

    This book is 215 pages long. It the third to last book in the mediator series. Suze is working at a resot babysitter for Jack Slater who is a Mediator to. One night Jessies aranged grilfriends tells her to tell her stepdad to stop diding to put in a hot tube. Two nights later Jack cals and tells her that the same ghost helped him exsoriese Jessie. Suze goes to the neather world to get Jessie . While she is getting Jessie she see's Jack's Brther Paul whos a Mediator to
  • Mediator Grave Doubts

    This book is 202 pages long. It's the second to last book. Paul the Mediator says that he cn send Jessie to the great beond for good if suze dosn't go out with him she sadly agees. Althought she's with Paul her feeling's for Jessie the ghost that hunts her bed room are growing.Hopful. Even if she could get jessie to express his feelings for her they can't be together.
  • Mediator Heaven Sent

    This book is 210 pages. It's the last book of the Mediator books. It's about Suze and Paul learning about what mediators can do one of them is preventing them being ghost at all. She and Paul go back in time to Jessies time and save him from dieing. Whenthey go back to the present time the accidently bring the body of Jessie back with them and the ghost Jessie returns to his body and becomes human and a Meditor to. Suze's dad Moves on to the after life.
  • Isabels texas two step

    This book is 324 pages. It's about when Isabels big sister Elana Maria is having her quniceuera. They are having the Quiceanera in Texas. Isabel and her couson Rico chip a glass egale. One noight they go armidalo hanting and they are stck in a storm they find an arqalogical site. After the baetful quincenrea they tell every one
  • Percy Jackson and the lightning thief

    This book is 374 pages. Percy is a dImigod half God half humman. He is taken to camp half blood where he is clamed by his father the God Posidon but his uncle Zuse king of te Gods think he stole his master bolt. Percy and his friends Annabeth and Grover go on a quest.They incounter with monsters and other things. In the end he returns the bolt. When he gets bacck to the camp he is betrayed by luke who is working to help Kronos rise again.
  • The Jouney to Atlantis

    This book is 308 pages. At the beach by mouseford academy the thea sisters disccover a mysterious boy with blue skin washed up on the shore. He speaks an unfarmiliar lanuage. So the five mice call thes stilton for help. She sets the mouselings on an exciting jouney to hunt for clues about the boy's origins. Could he be the prince of the underwater world of Atlantis? It's up to the thea sisters to get him home!.
  • The Clock Work Three

    This book is 386 pages. It's about three kids Giuseppe is an orphan street musician, Fredrick a apprentice clockmaker and hannah she works as a maid at a grand hotel where she earns money for her family since her father is realy sick. They meet each other in unexpected situations. Their storise come together like the turning gears of a clock
  • The Emeralf Atlas

    This book is 417 pages. It's about three Kids they are siblings named Kate, Michael and Emma. They were snatched from their beds when Kate was four. Michael was two and Emma was one. They go to many different orphaniges but one day they are sent to a new one. When they arive they find a book that when they put a photo in the book they are taken to when the photo was taken. They get traped in that time. can't wait to read the next book if I can find it
  • The key to rondo

    This book is 370 pages. Leo is given his family treasure of a music boox that has been handed down in his family has strict rulle. When Leos cousin Mimi comes to vist she disobys one of the rules they are wisked of to Rondo the city inside the box. While they are in Rondo they are put to the test. Leo and Mimi wil hve to defet the evil blue queen.
  • At first bite

    this book is 177 pages. Ashlee lambert is a vampire and it hasen't been the easy. When Ashlee has to move to california she is faced with the probolem that their is a humman blood drinking vampire atacking people in her new school. Along the way she meets mark and his twin sasha marks a vampire but drinks sanga a blood sapliment. In the end they catch the bad vampire and all is well
  • The boy on cinnamonn street

    This book is 224 pages. Louise Terrace lives with her grandparents. Louise has lived with them since her Dad left her Mum and her mum took her own life. Now she has an admirer. They send her letters when she needs cheering up and draws chalk harts outside her apartment. Will she find out who they are and learn to live with the trauma
  • Cross my heart and hope to spy

    This book is 236 pages. It is the first and second book convined in the series. Cammie Morgan goes to a school for geniuses but realy it's a school for spys. During the simester Cammie want's to stay low, but when her school host guest for blackforne insterturte for boys sher is blaymed for a sercurity breach. For the stake of her heart and school she must find the colprit before it's to late
  • Don't judge a girl by her cover

    This book is 263 pages. It's third book in the series. When Cammie goes to bosten to she her friend macey (who is a gallaher girl too) they are nealy kidnapped. Macey is under high guard as she is in danger for being kidnaped again. When cammies mysterios and hot crash returnes things get complicated. With help from a ex-gallaher girl cammie and her friends are desturnend to find the cultpirte
  • Out of sight and out of time

    This book is 294 pages. And is the second to last book in the series. The last thing that Cammie Morgan remebers, is leaving Gallaher Girls academy trying to protect her friends form the circle of caven. Who have been hunting her down for a long.
    time. When she is found she has no memory of the summer before. Cammie and her friends travel around the world to find clues that will help with her memery
  • The keepers daughter

    This book is 425 pages. Nyssa was orphand as a baby. All she wants is to find out where she came from. When one day her past is reveled and she finds out that the hidden tattoo bears one half of a secret messege, The other half is written on a twin she never knew. The only way to save her and her clan is t find that twin and what the messege means.
  • The host

    This book is 638 pages. Earth has been envaded by aliens that need human our animal host to live. When the soal Wanderer is put inside Melanie Stryder things go wrong. Melanie was still alive when they caught her. So they become reluctant allies and go search to find the resistence When they arive things get complicated and out of control. Will they servive or die find out in the Host
  • The school of good and evil

    This book is 488 pages. In the town of Gavadon, every four years two childern are taken and are never to return. They are taken to the school of Good and Evil. When Sophie and her best friend Agatha are taken like Sophie had dreamed about it all goes wrong. Sophie is put in the school of Evil and Agatha in Good. Sophie is convinced that she belongs in the Good school but is that true. Find out in this awsome book
  • United we spy

    This book is 296 pages. In this heart puonding conclusion Cammie has one sumseter left at Gallaher acadamy. Cammie faces her hardest mission yet. She finaly knows why the circle of cavan wanted to kill her. What they have next is more terrifiing (they want to start world war 3). On top of that her boyfirend Zach is no where to be seen, and his insane mother is after Cammie. She and her room mates sneek out of the country to trake down elite member of the cricle.
  • Alex Rider: storm breaker

    This book is 238 pages. When Alex Riders guardian/ uncle dies his world is turned upside down. His uncle was a spy and was killed on an a mission for MI6. Now Alex must step into his shoes and become a spy. After enduring an SAS training corse he is armed with afew gadgets and thrust into the mission under cover. Will he servive this dangerous mission find out in this awesome book
  • Alex Rider: Point blank

    This book is 238 pages. Alex Rider is once again blackmailed into another mission. He must infultrate a fiishing shool for boys that MI6 is questioning. Along the way he finds out that ths headmaster is creating duplicates of the students. will he stop this crazy man or die in the proses
  • Babysitter club: The truth about Stacey

    This book is 177 pages. Stacey McGill has diebeties. She has told her friends in the BBC(baby sitters club) but has troble telling other friends. Her parents keep sending her to new doctors. While this is going on a new baby sitting club has opened but the people who run it aren't respnsible with the sitters they choose. When she goes to new york for an apointment she stays with her friend/enermy Lanie. Will she be able to stop the BBA and patch up her friend find out in the truth about Stacey
  • House of Hydes

    this book is worth 3 books. Annabeth and percy must travel through taturas to find the doors of death and cut the chain that holds it in place. Meanwhile Hazel, Nico, Frank, Leo, Jason and piper must journey to the house of hydes to cut the chains and close the doors. Along the way they will encounter monster of verious type. Will they servive this journey find out in the house of hydes