Modern Vietnamese History

  • French Colonisation

    France captures Saigon and extends its control into Laos and Combodia, forming French Indochina.
  • Communism and Ho Chi Minh

    The Viet Minh, organised by Ho Chi Minh (returning from exile), fight French rule.
  • Period: to

    First Vietnam War

    The first French and Viet Minh war. China and the USSR support Ho Chi Minh; United States supports France (as a way to contain the spread of communism in SOutheast Asia.)
  • Period: to

    Second Vietnam War

    United States combat troops arrive in Vietnam, beginning (Second) Vietnam War.
  • Period: to

    Socialist Republic of Vietnam

    On 2 July 1976, North and South were merged to form the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  • Pre-French Rule

    Pre-French Rule
    Chinese overthrown and Viet kingdom re-established; now called Dai Viet (Great Viet) under Emperor, Dinh Bo Linh.