Modern jewsih era

Modern Jewish Era

  • Baruch Spinoza's excomunication

    Baruch Spinoza's excomunication
    After speaking out against the Rabbis inquiring difficult questions, Baruch Spinoza is put into Cherem. He is oddly affected, however, since he doesnt beg the Rabbis for forgiveness.
    His reaction shocks the public and marks the gradual decline of Rabbinc authority and thrusts the Jews into the Modern Jewish era.
  • Period: to

    Early Modern Era

    From exile of Spinoza to the banishment of the Chassidim
  • Rise of Hassidim, Maskilim and Mitnagdim

    Rise of Hassidim, Maskilim and Mitnagdim
    These movmenents helped give scattered Jews a sense of Jewish Identity, bringing the nation together closer together.
  • Period: to

    Jewish Political Emancipation

    Period of time that the Jews were granted emancipation in Europe
  • Pale of Settlement

    Pale of Settlement
    A geographical area in which many Jews, primarily Ashkenazic, settled down and flourished.
  • Napolean gathers the Grand Sanhedrin

    Napolean gathers the Grand Sanhedrin
    Napolean grants Emancipation to the Jews in Western Europe, after inquiring the assembly 12 difficult questions that would earn Napoleans trust.
  • German Reformation

    German Reformation
    With the Emancipation of the Jews, many Jews in Germany (with their newfound freedom) began to reform their religion in order to assimilate better.
  • Period: to

    American Jewish Expirience

    The Period in which Jews began to settle in the United States
  • BILU Manifesto

    BILU Manifesto
    A group of University students that wanted to escape from their troubles and settled in land that would later become known as Israel
  • Period: to


    The age that the Jews began to build towards a Jewish Nation
  • Dreyfus Affair inspires Theodore Hertzl

    Dreyfus Affair inspires Theodore Hertzl
    The accused crimes of Jewish army official Alfred Dreyfus inspires Theodore Hertzl to predict the establishment of the state of Israel
  • Kishnev Pogrom

    Kishnev Pogrom
    A Jewish hate rally that killed many Jews. This event, made publisized by Nachman Bialik, inspired many to start the creation of Jewish Self-determination
  • Israel becomes a State

    Israel becomes a State
    Jews have acheived self-determination and now have a homeland. Jews will always somewhere to go in case of exile/banishment.
  • Conservative Judaism takes off

    Conservative Judaism takes off
    Select Jews form the the Conservative denomincation in order to adapt to American lifestyle and agree as a communitiy to fix certain beliefs and values to enhance their life style. This movement gives more Jews an identity to adapt to.