Modern History (1750 - 1918)

  • Period: Jan 1, 1450 to

    Atlantic Slave Trade

    A Poster From The Times Of The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade involved a significant amount of people. Over 10,240,200 "slaves" were exported around the Atlantic ocean.
  • Period: to

    Industrial Revolution

    A Child Working In A Mill During The Industrial Revolution During the times of the Industrial Revolution, a massive population boom occured. In Britain alone, the population tripled from 6 million to 18 million. The Revolution affected so many people and changed millions of lives, which is why I believe it's important to learn about. It also affects every day living today.
  • Australia Was Claimed By The British Empire

    The Endeavour, The Ship That Found Australia Australia being claimed by the British is important. The history behind it is tragic and the story of Aborigines should be told because of how many people had died.
  • Captain James Cook Dies

    Captain James Cook Cook's death is important to modern day history because his death was not only untimely, but he was also extreme famous for his discovery of islands and more importantly, Australia.
  • Period: to

    European Colonisation

    A map of the colonies in Africa The European Colonisation was important because it set up so many new countries and it changed a huge fraction of the world.
  • Period: to

    French Revolution

    This event is important because it changed the structure of society in France and because it effected America, as they looked at France for inspiration when they wished to revolt against England
  • Bennelong Dies

    Bennelong's death is important because he is a historical figure and we must remember him. The effect he had during his time prevented many battles and saved many innocent lives.
  • The Invention of Morse Code

    Morse Code The Invention of Morse Code has helped save many lives today and I find that it is important for this reason.
  • Period: to

    Australian Gold Rush

    The Gold Rush is important because of how long it went on for.
  • Eureka Stockade

    The Eureka Stockade is a significant event in history due to the fact that it had such a major effect on the way the government ran in Ballarat at the time. Despite the fact that it only went on for 20 minutes, it was still a very intense battle.
  • Period: to

    American Civil War

    I believe this event is significant due to the fact that so many lives were taken during the war.
  • Adolf Hitler Was Born

    Adolf Hitler I believe the birth of Hitler is important because it's the birth of a cruel man who had a enormous impact on not only Germany but the rest of the world as well.
  • Australian Becomes A Federation

    I believe this event is important as it was the day when Australia became whole and no longer 6 seperate colonies. It united a nation.
  • The World's First Successful Airplane Flight

    The Wright Brother's first successful airplane flight was a milestone for aviation and it set a foundation for travel, military and other means of flight.
  • Titanic Sinks

    On this day, the Unsinkable ship.. sunk. 1517 people died, which is a huge loss.because one thousand and seventeen families would have been affected by this. It's really quite sad.
  • Period: to

    World War I

    This I find important for obvious reasons. It's because World War One is exactly what it's title says, a war that affected the world. This is why its significant and important, because it affected so many people and countries, with thousands of deaths.