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Modern European Thought aka THE BEST CHAPTER EVER

  • Period: to


  • Comte + Positivism - I/T

    theological -> metaphysical -> positive
  • Education ^ - Hung., GB, Sw, I, F - I/T, S, C

    Primary education - writing, reading, and math (basis skills) now provided, (believed would ultimately help industry and promote soc. change!)
  • Darwin + Nat. S. - R, I/T, C

    books Origin of Species and Descent of Man, questioning our heritage...NOT from God, making church and others very angry. By end of cen., majority = YES evolution, still NO Nat. S.
  • H. Spencer - I/T

    "survival of the fittest"
    DO NOT help weak, doesn't help society!
  • Kulturkampf - P, I/T, S

    Lead by Bismarck. Wanted churches to control still. Violent. Failed...really bad!!
  • Nietzsche

    Heroism = better. Wars got more done than Love. Christ. = not so great.
  • Scientists and Contributions - I/T

    Planck - Quantum Energy
    Einstein - Time & Space = together
    Heisenberg = prob.
    Roentgen = X rays
  • Realism - I/T, S

    Wrote about how life really was. Depressing. total opposite of Romanticism.
  • Freud

    Id - impulses
    Ego - awareness (conciousness)
    Superego - norms that stop our impulses from getting out of hand