Modern Era

  • Agricultural Revolution

    The Agricultural Revolution for new techniques for new crops, these techniques allowed to soil to restore nutrients which led to the crops growing stronger which increased agricultural output.
  • Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution was there was a rapid change in how things were made and made. Small workshops got transformed into large factories by which were controlled by machines.
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    Modern Era

  • American Revolution

    The American Revolution was when it was marked for the first time in history when people thought for the independence.
  • Declaration of Independence

    The Declaration of Independence resign which announced the separation of 13 North American-British colonies
  • French Revolution

    The French Revolution was when the people in France overthrew the monarchy and then took control of the government (revolutionary) and found the French consulate.
  • Invention of the telephone

    One of Bell's assistance believe that he could find a way to send a voice over a wire the invention of the telephone was designed to have transmission of a human voice as well as reception.
  • Invention of the light bulb

    The invention of the light bulb is known as the most important man-made invention since the man-made fire the light bulb helped assist the creation of extended work days and help navigate throughout the night time.
  • Invention of the airplane

    The invention of the airplane connected Nations which would have stayed unknown did it was so strong the world and allows people to explore new old and unseen areas of of the Earth, Airplanes were also used for Wars as it was a fast transportation and easy for weapon use.
  • Assassination of Franz (the start of WW1)

    The start of World War 1 happened after Archduke France was assassinated, assassination presented conflict between the central powers and the Allied powers. After having 16 million soldiers and civilians dead Allied Powers had claimed Victory. Archduke France was not the only reason World War 1 broke out there had been multiple years of tension which were through Europe which triggered this.
  • The Russian Revolution

    the Russian Revolution began during the last phase of World War 1 when the Russians were eliminated from the war the events of the Russian Revolution were quite sudden and happened in phases which were led by two separate plots one in February and one in October.