Mockingjay timeline

  • district 12

    district 12
    Katniss goes back to District 12 and visits her home, and gets Buttercup for Prim.
  • the end

    the end
    What happens to Snow, Coin, and Peeta? Read the story to find out.
  • Becoming the Mockingjay

    Becoming the Mockingjay
    Katniss goes back to her ship and goes to District 13 where she becomes the Mockingjay. She demands immunity for Peeta, other victors, and for her to be allowed to hunt with Gale.
  • Visiting District 8

    Visiting District 8
    Katniss visits District 8 and sees all of the injured people. A bombing from the capitol destroys all of the injured people in the hospital. When they come back, Katniss and Gale shoot them down.
  • broadcast

    At district 8 thay take a broadcast of Katniss. Beetee broadcasts the show live for all of the districts
  • the bad news

    the bad news
    Katniss sees Peeta on the news talking about the war. He suddenly yells out that the capitol is going to bomb district 13.Everyone watches peeta get beat on telavision
  • underground

    Everyone at 13 goes underground right after the broadcast.After the bombing they go up to the surface to see its covered in roses.
  • the plan

    the plan
    after the bombing everyone decides to rescue Peeta, and Annie, Finnicks best friend from the capitol
  • the return

    the return
    The rescue team comes back and is succesfull. When Katniss greets Peeta he chokes her.
  • the poison

    the poison
    They find out Peeta is infected with trackerjacker poison and thinks everything wrong. They introduce Peeta to someone who he has no bad feelings about. After a while Peeta badmouths Katniss.
  • the takeover

    the takeover
    Katniss goes with people to district 2 to take over the nut. They get the people of the nut trapped, but when they come out katniss gets shot.
  • the decision

    the decision
    Katniss heals shortly, then deecides to help with the rebellion by becoming a soilder.
  • the ambush

    the ambush
    Katniss finishes her training and is sent out with her squad. They reach the center of the capitol and then they get ambushed, peeta gets infected with tracker jacker venom.
  • the bombing

    the bombing
    After being held down in the capitol for several days, and after moving from building to building Katniss sees her sister die from a bombing that killed many people.
  • president snow

    president snow
    Katniss finally locates Snow and takes him hostage. Katniss finds out Coin planned the bombing and used the bomb Gale designed.