• Exposition

    The exposition is when at the very beginning it introduces Moana and the island she lives on. Her grandma gives her the heart of the ocean, and she sails to fins Maui, to save her island.
  • Exposition II

    Exposition II
    Later on in the movie it introduces all the characters including Maui and when him and Moana meet.
  • Rising Action

    Rising Action
    Moana and Maui go to find Maui's hook and they end up getting the hook and meet a giant crazy crab named Tamatoa, who they get back Maui's hook from.
  • Rising Action Part II

    Rising Action Part II
    Then Maui relizes he can't control his hook like used to, and then Moana helps him practice before they go to fight Te Ka, and Maui helps her become a great sailor.
  • Climax

    The climax is when Maui and Moana go to fight Te Ka.
  • Falling action

    Falling action
    The falling action is when Maui and Moana barely survive Te Ka and escape but don't get to restore the heart. Then Maui leaves Moana thinking they can't defeat Te Ka. The Moana tells the ocean to pick someone else.
  • Falling Action II

    Falling Action II
    Then Moana's Grandma shows up as a stingray and is then a ghost. Her grandma explains she isn't dissapointed in her, and moana realizes she is the one to save her island and defeat Te Ka. She then goes back alone to defeat Te Ka, and restore the heart.
  • Resolution

    Moana goes to fight Te Ka and she finally gets past Te Ka but her boat is flipped. Then Maui shows up and tells Moana to go restore the heart while Maui fights Te Ka. Then Mona relizes that Ta Ka is Te Fiti. She sings to Te Ka telling her who she really is.
  • Resolution II

    Resolution II
    Then Moana puts the heart back into Te Fiti/Te Ka and then she saves her island and Te Fiti is back, and Moana returns to her island and the become voyagers once again.